Web Designer Sacramento

What is the use of landing page for Lawyers as they offer services, not products? You might be thinking this. Everyone from an organization to an individual having online presence needs a landing page to market and sell their products. Now the question is why you should invest in landing page design if you don’t have a product. If I say, you too have a product… Yes, I am right. The services that Lawyers or Attorneys provide are nothing but products when it comes to marketing and selling them. So, landing page design for Lawyers is a need. Now let’s see how a designer can make a difference in the marketing of your services through landing pages.

A section of the landing page for Lawyers is designed to provide a brief or summery of the services that they offer. For example, personal injury service, workplace injury service, accidental injury service, property settlement service, etc. are listed along with a brief about the services and presented under bullet points in this section. A professional landing page designer gives this section such a look that it draws attention of the visitors. If the section of services remains unnoticed, then the landing page is not promising.

The most critical part of landing pages for Lawyers is the section that highlights “WHY”. To say precisely, “why your service, or how your service is different from that of others” is the focus of this section. Though a copywriter plays the main role here, the designer’s role is not little. When it comes to fetching attention by means of color, font size and style the importance of a landing page designer surfaces. The designer uses the right set of font size, font style and color in keeping with what appeals to most visitors at the first glance.

The “bio” or “profile” section is another important part of landing pages for Attorneys. Many potential customers put their trust in the service of a Lawyer on the basis of the Lawyer’s bio or profile. The bio section must be stuffed with a convincing content from a professional copy writer. However, visitors will go through the profile once they are drawn to it. So the landing page designer designs this section in such a way and puts it at such a place that they feel compelled to check it.

The last but not the least is a case study. If you can provide a case study, your profile will be more convincing and the landing page will pack in more power. It serves like a cherry on the cake. Case studies are often integrated as downloadble files in PDF format to landing pages. If visitors download the case study, the chances for their getting to “call to action” are high. The cover page of the case study that is visible on the landing page for Lawyers should be designed in such a professional way that visitors feel compelled to download it.

If you are still in doubt about the need of a landing page for you, please feel free to get in touch with me for detailed discussion.