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A landing page is the marketing personnel of business websites. It helps hook visitors, convert them and generate leads. Online revenue for a business depends on the landing page of its website. The design of a landing page is a key consideration in online marketing campaigns. Wondering, what are the crucial features of an ideal landing page? Here are the tips on how to create powerful landing pages:   

Must-have features of landing page

Landing pages are known as converters in the online marketing terminology, for they are purposed to convert clicks into leads. A landing page is made an ideal lead-capture page by incorporating the following features in the design of the page:

  • A catchy headline – pithy and punchy
  • A brief on the service or product or offer that the page displays
  • A relevant image complementing the page visually
  • A cal-to-action or registration form

Less navigation = less distraction = more conversions

If a landing page is meant for business leads generation, the page should be designed like a four-walled room without any window. To say precisely, the landing page must not navigate to any other page of the website. Links from the landing page to other pages distract the visitors from the target. Keep the page as simple as possible to maximize conversion rates.

Ensure consistency between headline and call-to-action

The headline of a landing page should be consistent with the call-to-action on the page.If the headline sets visitors’ expectation for an offer from the website, and the call-to-action does not fulfill their expectation, the visitors are likely to be left confused and move away from the website. Make sure to leave no room for confusion by removing inconsistencies between the headline and call-to-action.

Simplicity is the best ornament

Hope, you know the phrase “simplicity is the best ornament”. Make sure to keep the landing page as simple as possible, in terms of look and feel of the design. A page with some white space, besides text and image, looks clean and attractive.

Get shared and viewed to the max

Landing pages are often meant for marketing and promotion. This purpose is served, if social media buttons are integrated with landing pages.  If the landing page is displaying a product, the product gets maximum views through social media sharing by the visitors. Keep in mind, emailing to friend is one of the visitors’ sharing preferences.

Keep registration form short

‘Contact Us’ page or registration page with contact form serves as landing page for many websites. This page is purposed to collect visitor details for lead generation. There is a question on how much information to collect from visitors. It is advised to keep the registration form short and collect as much details as you need. Don’t let visitors toil to fill up a long form. Or else, it may drive them from the page.

Emphasize benefits more than features

Do you know web readers are impatient? The text of a landing page must be brief and bulleted. The description of your product or service should focus on the features and benefits of the offer, catering to visitors’ interests. Make sure to put more emphasis on the benefits of the product than the features or specifications. The product or service description should address the needs of potential visitors.