Landing Page Design: Best Local SEO Practices

Local SEO

Local SEO is a combination of offline and online strategies to get your business noticed by local prospects. First, you need to identify which markets or demography you would like to target through landing pages. It does not take much to create a landing page. But the landing pages which fetch in traffic and which people in a local market can reach out to take a lot. Many high-traffic landing pages struggle to generate decent sales due to lack of local SEO. Rather, low-traffic pages manage to generate business leads from a maximum of their visitors by means of effective local SEO. Many leading brands in New York, Oregon, Texas, and Florida are spending a fraction of their digital marketing budget on local SEO.

The best local SEO practices should be complied with before, during and after designing landing pages to leverage the potential of geo-specific local markets. The following is a little discussion on the five best local SEO practices for your perusal:

Local Keywords

Relevance, one of the search algorithm components, is an important ranking factor in Google. The relevance of a landing page’s metadata section comprising title tags, keywords, and meta descriptions should not be compromised in local SEO, which is very important for landing page marketing in local markets. Combining a bunch of keywords does not mean optimizing metadata for the defined purpose.

Local Metadata

Metadata of individual landing pages speaks directly to search engines and users. So the landing page of a website must have unique metadata related to local geographies instead of having one in common. ‘Doorway pages’ and ‘Service area pages’ are important terms referring to the landing page for the same reason and that is to guide local users to get what they are looking for.

Local Mobile SEO

The second step to designing and optimizing landing pages is including mobile device users among your target groups. It is estimated that mobile device users perform over 60% of all searches in Google and other search engines. People search on mobile platforms for businesses, products, and services in local markets and neighborhood. Google takes local mobile SEO into consideration.

Location Proximity

Location proximity is another important consideration for designing and optimizing landing pages for local prospects in New York, Oregon, Florida, and Texas. If you run a restaurant at Manhattan, the metadata of your restaurant website’s landing page should address searches from Manhattan and its surrounding areas in New York City. According to studies, more than 50% of local searches on mobile devices come from within walking or driving distance.

Local Directory Listing

Local listing is another approach towards local SEO optimization. Sometimes, brands crave listing on global business directories for their local businesses, which they don’t know, hardly serves the purpose. If you have a single-location business operation, get it listed on online directories of that particular location. If you multi-location business operation, get your business listed on online directories of those locations for better results.

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