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The process of planning, conceptualizing and arrangement of content intended for publishing on the internet through a particular channel is called web designing. The modern way of web designing is actually way beyond how things look aesthetically to how things are in functionality. The designing of the web is not at all limited to websites, as it can be used in other things like mobile apps, web apps or even for user interface design. The Kolkata web designer is responsible for creating the first impression of the visitors. It could be a business website welcoming the investors and so it has to be good and attractive.

Kolkata web designer – The following are seven top web designing trends as on date:

  • White space: The modern way of designing web is going back in time to minimalism. It means that it is growing with the tide of meaningful white space, very much like the printed media. Just like the natural currents, the white space is going to help the Indian web designer to manoeuvre the visitors through the pages of the website. More like flowing from one element to another. When two elements get together with white space in between, it will look like one. The white space also helps the visitors identify the hierarchy.
  • Colour trends of the decade: There is no web designing if there is no playing with colours. Every modern web designer loves to make the websites colourful and trendy looking. It is because colour not only plays the trending technique but also plays a psychological trick to lure the people to like and visit a website again and again. The WordPress designer Kolkata are experts at this.
  • Full-page headers: The full-page headers are the new wave of trending website designing of the decade. The web designer Kolkata can implement header variation. The popular way of doing this is by adding a call-to-action button with an eye-catching image on its side. The discord groups will site elements into cards, making the information they provide sleek and easy to access. Websites like this generate a playful sophistication.
  • Usage of fonts: With the rise of popularity of minimalism and rebirth of flat design, usage of fonts is taking over a central role in web design. Letterform design is getting more focus than ever. The new typographical changes emerging over are extreme sizes, creative usage of simple typefaces, superimposition on images, artistic fonts and custom typeface. A good website developer in India finds all these very useful.
  • Split-screen website design: Designing of websites with the split-screen aesthetic is a trend that is constantly evolving and growing rapidly. It can be suitable and desirable for a number of factors like that of mobile compatibility and friendliness for the user. However, most of these designs look great on the screen. It is in use when full-screen elements get divided into two or more vertical parts. The web designer freelancer Kolkata is highly useful in this regard.
  • Custom illustrations: Illustrations are known for breathing lives into someone’s brand or website. The modern ways of website designing pull inspiration from print media and various other forms of art forms to illustrate. Traditional art has paved a way for custom illustrations for several brands who seem to have come out of storybooks. The digital designing pulls out the 3D illusions adding another layer of depth to the world of the internet by the local web designer.
  • Grid design: No web designer new or old has ever stopped playing with grids. They have made asymmetric layouts more popular in the recent time of website designing. Several of them use CSS grid layout in order for bringing the various capabilities of the print layout into the use of a website. The CSS grid layout is nothing but a 2D grid layout function. It is the coding language that translates it to Cascading Styles Sheet describing the layout of an HTML site page.

Kolkata web designer can assist you with two types of websites

A lot of people can design websites but designing the right kind of website for the respective company or business is also very important. There are mainly two types of website designing that the web designer Kolkata does. With the modern designing tools, every website can be made differently but among the types of making it are only two. The following lines are going to talk about that by the website developer in India in detail:

  • Adaptive websites: The Indian web designer generally uses two or several versions of a website customized for various screen sizes. The adaptive websites can also be categorized into two main categories. One, depending on device type and the other on browser width. The device type is to let the owner know about the device attempting to view the site. The browser width offers better flexibility in terms of its design.
  • Responsive websites: The responsive website is that website which is a combination of breakpoints with flexible grids. Unlike the adaptive sites, it is constantly changing itself to the screen size. The web designer freelancer Kolkata is an expert in creating these.

The last word

The above mentioned are some of the top website designing trends that a local web designer will follow. The above mentioned are the two main types of designing websites that a WordPress designer Kolkata will follow. Website designing is gaining tremendous popularity because nearly everything requires a website to attract and advertise. It is because of this reason a lot of people are learning how to design websites for good. It is a great profession and it still has a long way to go as technology and time is ever-changing.


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