Tips on upgrading your Insurance Website

Insurance Website

Living in this age of optimal effort and very superior work culture, to get oneself insured has almost become something of a necessity. The demand is undoubtedly at a high, resulting in intense competition among the various insurance companies to come up with better and more lucrative customer friendly plans. The sea is promising with a catch and the nets are only so few. But among the nets, perhaps the easiest and the most convenient of all is the internet, or more narrowly defined, a website and a social media presence.

Among insurance agents, the need to make their websites more appealing to the general public is an issue of paramount importance. With the newer generations preferring to do everything from banking to ordering sodas online, insurance agencies must step up on their game to attract this particular swarm of potential customers. Below are few tips and tricks listed for any ambitious insurance agency that is looking to make an online presence.

Some simple hacks

  • Keep your contact details up to date along with a customer service center
    Customers expect to establish a certain level of trust and conviction with the company before they commit large amounts of money. To establish this level, it is imperative that the life insurance company website is updated with the agents and other employee’s contact details. The customer needs to be assured that the particular company’s website is legitimate. Another important issue that is taken up by almost all company websites is a FAQs section and a message box facilitating the customer to address particular queries. All the aforementioned things are essential to assure and appeal to the customer.
  • Playing smart and fair
    There is always a tussle between the legal authorities and the insurance companies. Therefore, it is advisable to have a very specific and thorough company policy that is put up on the website. Since lawyers of the respective plaintiffs often visit the website, agency websites should be very carefully updated covering all loopholes and leaving nothing to assume. Using conventional marketing techniques that may perhaps appeal to customers is a strict no-no. Promising or guaranteeing the customer in any way on the agency website must be avoided at all costs. While engaging in competition, one needs to keep it healthy. This specifically applies to independent agents who will undoubtedly find themselves frustrated with more competition, both from within the company and outside it. The everyday customer is most likely not to understand the detailed plans and will be dissuaded by any careless and unnecessary remark.
  • Don’t subscribe to any programs without knowing it’s pros and cons
    There are many programs which provide readymade content for insurance company websites. The various companies that subscribe to these programs may find themselves with the same duplicated information on their websites. Apart from the obvious disapproval that such action brings forth from the customers, various search engines may also penalize or ignore such duplicated content.

A website has become almost a necessity if an insurance agency wants to compete, and on a more urgent note, survive in this age of technology. Since most agencies are yet to advance on this particular front, the opportunity is very ripe and profitable and should be immediately used to one’s advantage.


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