Why must an Insurance Agent have a mobile friendly website?

Insurance Agent Website Designer

In this digital age information about a famous personality or the price of the latest cell phone, the internet has an answer for everything and is just a click away. Hence it is not surprising if a person wants to look for a website of an insurance agent. They may visit the company website if the brand name holds a lot of importance but would prefer the website of a local agent backed by a good company name.

Most people surf the internet on their phones and hence it is absolutely necessary for a website to have a mobile version.  Even though the insurance agent might have a website designed for a PC they might just lose out on customers because of their bad quality mobile websites. This is the reason why there should be mobile-friendly websites for insurance agents.

What Makes Your Site Mobile-Friendly

  • The software that you use to design your website should be perfectly compatible with all kinds of cell phones.
  • When the website is opened on a mobile phone, the text should automatically resize itself to fit the screen.
  • The text should be visible and there should be no need for the customer to squint at the screen or try to zoom the text.
  • The links on the website should have enough space so that your thumb can tap the right one easily.

These help the customer to operate the mobile-friendly websites for insurance agents easily. It helps them to get all the information they want about the agent and hire them at the click of a button.

Things your mobile-friendly site should contain  

Make sure that your website has more information about you than just your phone number and name. There might be a large number of insurance agents in Houston. What makes you so special? Give content that proves to the customers that you will turn out to be the perfect financial advisor to them.

You should understand what your target audience will want. This will help you to use the right kind of keywords.  The things that a businessman in San Antonio wants may not match with what a lawyer in the same city may want.

Your website should be updated frequently. Nobody would want to look at content that was applicable five years back. Be up to date so that the customer knows what he is engaging himself in.

If you are serving customers in Austin, the content of the website should prove your thorough knowledge about the place so that the customer doesn’t think twice of hiring you as their insurance agent.

If you haven’t made your website mobile friendly yet and are getting worked up about doing it as soon as possible, then don’t worry. There are plenty of good web developers in cities like Dallas, Fort Worth and El Paso that will help you achieve that goal.

Therefore, mobile-friendly websites for insurance agents will ensure an increase in the number of customers quickly and easily!


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