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Graphic image is one of the key blocks of visual marketing in different media. It has become a great attention-grabbing performer in content marketing and social media marketing (which are referred to as digital marketing as a complete solution). Among different forms of graphics, info graphic is the most trending visual, currently. Info graphic is the interface between information (text) and graphic (visual). Info graphic visuals or images present complex texts and data through small bites in a much digestible fashion. The visual power of info graphics, which is entertaining and edifying at the same time, for marketing, branding, packaging and promotion has swept through the industry.  This article explores what makes info graphic so popular, why digital marketing incorporates it as a key ingredient, and why you should hire a graphics designer to tap into the marketing power of info graphics

The power of info graphics results from human psychology which is more easily influenced by visuals than texts. 90% of information that the human brain receives, deciphers and channelizes to the senses is visual. The brain is more responsive to visuals than to texts. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, it processes visual content 60,000 times faster than it does mere text-rich content. 93% of human communication is nonverbal. That is why, info graphic, as a fast and easy marketing communication tool or medium is a hit in present times when it is difficult to hold on to the audience’s patience.

Info graphics are more engaging and convincing than texts and mere visuals without any text, according to the Wharton School of Business. The convincing power of info graphics is evident from the fact that 67% of target audience is influenced by verbal presentations including visuals for marketing and sales. On the other hand, 50% of the audience responds to verbal presentations without visuals. That is why; marketing experts and brand communication designers are using info graphics in printed (offline) marketing collaterals and online service / product landing pages.

Info graphic has become a more powerful and engaging communication medium than PowerPoint presentation. It conveys the benefits of a service, the usability of a product and the message of a brand to their target groups in an easy, convincing and comprehensible manner. Why investment in graphic designing services for visual marketing and communication is an informed decision is because the brains remember 80% of what we see and do. Such is the impact of visuals on our mind, senses and psychology. We remember only 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear.

Info graphics are liked and shared more than general text articles on social media. According to digital marketing experts, a well-designed info graphic with precisely illustrated information is viewed 30 times more than an article on the same topic. It generates more tweets, likes, shares and back links. Info graphic has made its way to social media and search engine optimization as well. To be precise, info graphic design is a profitable investment for traffic and lead generation.

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