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Search engine bots are always on the hunt for fresh content. Blog is the only part of your website, which remains active and fresh with regular posts. An active blog helps to keep the main website dynamic in search engines. It is good for search engine optimization of websites. Blogging is a white hat SEO technique which has been practiced to improve indexing of websites in search engines for years.

Indexing of websites by search engine bots has become faster due to convergence of blogging and social media. With regular blog posts going viral across social media platforms through likes, shares and tweets, search engine indexing of websites has been improved a lot more. In 2015, having a blog has several other benefits apart from indexing of content.

Real-time publishing of news around company events, product launches and promotions is a business-critical benefit of having a blog integrated to your business website. In case of immediacy, you can publish a press release to the media section of your company blog instead of sending it to a publication house or a PR organization. Blogging helps with real-time distribution of news, information, etc. about your company events. These particular blog posts can be linked to the other online profiles of your company.

You can leverage the convergence of blogging and social media for better indexing of your website in several ways. Social mentions of your blog across the social networking platforms are signals for search engine bots for indexing and ranking. The multiplying number of social mentions makes the process of indexing faster. The level of search engine indexing escalates with the rising number of social mentions by your social media followers and their friends.

In the present digital era, blogging is the most celebrated medium to get you established as a niche-specific expert. The more you blog about your business niche, its current scenario, its future prospects, and its potential for target audience, the more knowledgeable you are and the more attention you gain. Undeniably, experts love bonding with an expert. Thus, you can do relationship marketing for your business and company through regular, effective, and industry-oriented blogging.

Relationship marketing / building with the experts in your niche or different niches helps a lot to get your business recommended. How useful the recommendations from experts are needs no explanation. If you own a LinkedIn profile in your name or for your company, you can do leadership or niche-specific blogging on LinkedIn Pulse, a dynamic platform for leaders and experts to get published. You can get your voice, thoughts and opinions crafted in words for this platform by professional writers. Your posts on LinkedIn Pulse can be linked back to your business website or company blog, which helps with search engine indexing, too.

Several other effective ways for improved indexing of your business website are there. Let’s get in touch for an in-depth discussion.