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Many travel agents, tour operators and travel business owners sniff at SEO for tourism business websites. It is simply because they have little knowledge of how SEO for travel websites helps push their business beyond limits. You might wonder about what SEO or inbound marketing service providers do exactly and how it benefits travel business websites. Go through the discussion below:

Target SEO for target visitors from target markets

Target visitors come from target markets. Here lies the importance of local SEO for target demographic specific geographies. If you want to source traffic from the USA and the UK for your Assam tourism business website, our inbound marketing (SEO) efforts should be directed towards exploring the markets of these countries. In this context, it is a must mention that foreigners are much interested in the tribal culture of north-east India. If you are looking to target more and more domestic traffic, the Indian demography of travel enthusiasts and researchers will be the focus of our online marketing strategies for your travel website.

Image SEO for more effective marketing

How do you exclaim to see canvas paintings of open sky, sprawling meadows, playful sea waves, and snow-capped mountain peaks? It is ‘Wow’. Here lies the importance of integrating an image gallery to the interface of your north-east India travel business portal. Stuff the gallery with high resolution pictures of the Brahmaputra River, Kanchenjunga, national parks and temples in Assam, to trap visitors and convert them into customers. It is a sort of online marketing. If SEO is added to this, or to say precisely if the images are optimized with alt tags for search engines, the benefit doubles up. We put emphasis on image SEO for more effective marketing of travel websites.

Online video optimization and marketing

The value of video marketing cannot be sniffed at in times of digital media. The escalating popularity of YouTube and other video sharing platforms is evidence to the staggering growth of digital marketing. Online video marketing does magic to fetch in traffic for targeted travel websites. Why not capture the natural beauty of the hills of Assam (for example) in video clips, upload the clips to YouTube and embed the published videos on specific pages of your travel website? Such videos retain marketing potential if they are optimized for search engines. Optimized videos are crawled by search engine bots and featured on search result pages. We can help you with online video optimization and marketing.

High quality SEO content marketing

Images, videos and such other types of visual content are website accessories. Content is the life and blood of websites. The very first thing that Google looks for, crawls, indexes and returns as search result is webpage content. SEO content marketing with sharp focus on your targeted tourism markets and demography for your travel website is more important than mere SEO content writing. We are very particular about the quality level and marketing potential of content for travel websites, portals, blogs and magazines. The travel content that we develop helps build a community of travel freaks and drives them to your travel business website.