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Content was there, is there and will be there for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content is the key ingredient for on-page optimization and off-page optimization. With evolution of SEO into different marketing mechanisms of high level such as content marketing and digital marketing, content has become king of kings. There is no alternative to this specific need of all time for online marketing, online promotion, online branding and online public relations.

The importance of content is evident from Google’s algorithmic changes which are focused on the quality of content. Whenever Google rolls out new algorithmic updates, websites with poor content health are badly hit. Their search engine result page rankings drop, and daily number of views declines. There are other setbacks that those websites suffer in search engines.

Google’s algorithmic updates also affect a website’s link profile by devaluing back links or inbound links built through poor content in form of guest blog posts. Website managers often indulge in creating back links through guest blogging of low quality, which helps little. No matter whichever SEO activity is practiced to push a website up in search engines, it bears fruits only if content has high quality seeds.

To be precise, conventional link-building techniques are obsolete in the present era of digital marketing. Link building has evolved into relationship building with influential bloggers, authors and editors. Currently, relationship development is a healthy link-building practice that is in good favor of Google. However, powerful bloggers, authors and editors only entertain high-quality content of substance. If the content is poorly crafted and too promotional, it will be rejected outright.

Evidently, content for editorial links back from blogs and magazines with high authority should not sound like an empty pot. Nowadays, online publications invite articles and features from external sources. If you can contribute the same with in-depth content on specific topics to leading publications, you will be benefited with a link back to your website or a mention of the website as contributor. If your content quality is in sync with the level of the publications that you are looking to contribute to, you will get the best of it.

Today, there are various platforms for online marketing such as Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Slideshare, etc. It does not take much to create profiles of your websites on these platforms. But, you can tap into their potential for marketing of your website only through inviting, provoking, meaty content. Content should informative, relevant food for thought to target audience. The tone of content must be in sync with the nature of online platforms and publications that you target for marketing. It may be serious or entertaining.

To say in precisely, content is all in all, be it for SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.