How Important Responsive Websites for Business

Responsive Websites for Business

You may be the best customer service provider in your business domain. You have a team of well-trained customer service executives to address customers’ queries and grievances over the phone. You often distribute press releases about your quality customer service. What if your business website has poor user experience due to the lack of mobile-friendliness? You should know that today’s Internet-savvy smartphone users prefer online services to telephonic services. If the website is not mobile friendly, the users will end up having a poor online experience, which will be a setback to your business growth.

If your mobile-internet savvy customers consistently suffer from the poor online experience, some of them may not hesitate to post negative reviews online. Needless to say about the results of negative customer feedbacks online! It is a threat to business growth, the conversion of potential customers, and the volume of sales. Negative reviews affect a business adversely as much as good reviews from customers impact sales positively. The worst disadvantage of negative reviews is that they surface among search results and go viral in a short time. It becomes a lot difficult to keep those reviews away from your prospects. So, prevention is better than cure.

Do step into a customer’s shoes and you will get to know the disadvantages/downsides of your non-mobile friendly website. Is the drop-down menu of your website that appears tiny on the screen of mobile websites smoothly navigable? What if the call to action that appears so tiny as to be invisible is overlooked by potential customers? What if you want to mail a specific product to someone, but you face difficulty finding the email tab/button? Such drawbacks frustrate prospects leading to a great disadvantage of the business. If a traditional website without a responsive theme is adapted to a mobile website, it will full of advantages.

The lack of mobile-friendliness has not only direct but also indirect effects. All marketing strategies, offline or online or both, around a traditional website, may not deliver the expected results. All marketing strategies including social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, newsletter marketing, and phone SMS marketing are aimed to generate leads for the business. Those leads are converted into sales when potential customers interact with the business website and are satisfied with the experience as well as the service. If the website neither performs well nor loads features properly on mobile devices, the end result of those marketing campaigns will be depressing.

This April 21, Google has implemented an algorithmic change to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly websites over the non-friendly ones. Non-responsive websites will experience a drop in traffic volume and conversion level in the aftermath of Google’s algorithmic update in favor of responsive websites. Now is the time to get a responsive website or have an existing website redesigned for the mobile audience. If it is not now, then never!


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