Web Designer Sacramento

The rising popularity of single page websites and innovative website templates with a little space for text has made content writing a more challenging profession. With the ceaseless tempo of competition on the virtual marketplace, it is more than a challenge to click with the target audience of a business and address their needs through content – visual as well as textual.

Content represents a business website’s value proposition that is a promise of quality, value and right service to be delivered. The value proposition with a persuasive tone is like a magic wand for businesses online in any niche. It is meticulously achieved through the harmony of visual and textual elements into unified content. A concise and precise copy of value persuasive is the most persuasive one. It must be quantifiable and competitive. It should reflect the USP (Unique Selling Point) of websites.

Let me explain how visuals and words can be combined to create a highly effective value proposition for product based websites including ecommerce portals. Each product page of a retail fashion or lifestyle website is a deliberately designed template with defined space for product images and product descriptions. If product images are not in tune with the description, it may fail to communicate the real value of the product for its target consumers. If both image and text are in the eye contact with visitors, they can together convey the value proposition of the product.

The value proposition of a product should answer how the product is unique and why it is important to consumers. These are the most important parameters used to evaluate the value of a product in connection with the promises it makes and the features it has. The value proposition connects a business with its target audience through customer-oriented content of business websites.

Designing and writing such powerful content for business websites is a process which requires insights into the business, its markets and its audience. It is a creative and thoughtful process of identifying the source of a value proposition and formulating it on a strong basis, be it either only design or the harmony of visuals and words. This process is best performed by a design expert and a content analyst collaboratively.

The value proposition of a product or service should be differentiated from that of other products or services in the same category. Product or service differentiation is a business-critical marketing need to sell your products or services despite huge competition and challenges in your niche. The content of your business website can reflect the value proposition with differentiation from that of your competitors.

Hope, you can perceive how important a role a professional web designer plays in conceptualizing and creating the value proposition of your business online.