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Content strategy is all in all; be it for blogging, press release marketing, article marketing, webpage or social media marketing. With increasing importance of social media in number of benefits for businesses, social content strategy and planning has become a must. Here is something (crucial)  to share about social media content strategy with you.

 Work on variables of social media content 

Nothing works out online, without strategy. Like blogging and press release, social media marketing too is a content based effort. To put in this effort strategically and for optimum results, you need to take care of such variables as time, frequency, format and tone of the social media content.

  • Check out the best time to tweet, share a link on Facebook, pin a picture on Pinterest and update other social media profiles.
  • Frequency of updating social media profiles matters. Check with a social media expert if your frequency of sharing and tweeting is too much or too less.
  • Consult a SMM professional over which format – image, video, text or infographic – works better and on which social media channel.
  • Tone of social media content may attract or repel the fans. It may be formal or informal depending on your purpose.
  • Track social media analytics on a daily basis. It helps pinpoint high-performing posts and underperforming ones.

Tip –   Social media is full of marketing potential which can be leveraged through target-oriented, well-planned social media content strategies. It is an informed decision to have a social media marketing expert on board and get a SMM plan brainstormed by him.

Brief on how to strategize social media content

Now the question is what social media content strategy should be and how to chalk it out. The very first mention, though needless to say, is that social media content strategy must be in tune with your business objective and goal. Suppose, you are a lifestyle coach and coach people on stress management, time management as well as performance management. Whatever you post and share on social media should be encouraging and motivating for your followers. People under stress or lagging behind time due to low performance would surely connect with the content. Make a video album of exclusive pictures of happy moments and moods, upload it to YouTube and other video sharing platforms, share with your fans and then see the magic.

Keyword analysis for better social media content strategy

Nothing new to say about the importance of keyword analysis for blogs, press releases, articles, descriptions, classifieds and webpage content. Social media content being web content, it requires keyword analysis for better social media optimization. The bio or about section of social media profiles should be optimized with keyword-centric text.  But, how to do keyword analysis for social media content? Is it the same as for other types of web content? Should you focus on keywords more than key phrases?

Tip – You might know how to analyze and select keywords. But your way may not be professional. Make sure to get it done by a digital marketing or SEO expert. According to the latest Google guidelines for web content strategy, a piece of content should not be stuffed with single keyword or similar keywords. Using keyword variations is recommended.  Only experts can decide on the ratio of keywords and related keyword phrases.