Web Designer Sacramento

Web design is an ever-changing niche. It is evolving at such a fast pace that some common design mistakes happen. In most of the cases, designers are not responsible for the mistakes. It is the would-be owners of websites who not being aware of the latest or upcoming trends instruct designers to design their websites in the way that is not contemporary. Here is a discussion on three most common web design mistakes.

Design overload

When you get headache, you crave for a cup of coffee not for shopping or entertainment. The same happens to the online users whose heads spin to see so many visual elements jostling for space. Websites with a load of visual content leave no space for comfort and convenience that potential customers expect while shopping online. Users, visitors and customers are your guests. Guests should be made feel at home. They need some free space to shop comfortably. Your website needs redesign to make some free space for the comfort of customers.

Tip: Consult a professional web designer on how to redesign your business website ensuring availability of some free space for customers to breathe easily. Website redesign entails harmony of positive space and negative space on interface of web pages. Proper distribution of these two different spaces is one of the keys to great look and feel of websites.

Content overload

The same is true about information overload which today’s generation is not comfortable with. The ‘screen touch’ loving generation finds the load of content too unbearable to carry while browsing business or product websites on their smartphones. At the same time, they love browsing information based websites in such niches as news, magazines and editorial blogs on mobile devices. If you don’t deal in content or if you don’ belong to these niches, it is advised to keep your website free from unnecessary content load.

Tip: The available space on a webpage must be distributed between content and design in right proportions. It is very important for landing pages. Landing pages must not be cluttered with either text or design. In today’s age, minimalism, simplicity and sophistication are the highlights of web design beauty which a skilled web designer can best define.

Missing branding

A website is best compared to a garden in terms of design and its beauty. We all beautify a garden with several different flower plants, not with weeds and shrubs. Similarly we think of beautiful designs when we dream of a website. Beautiful design does not mean very colorful design. It rather refers to meaningful design that reflects your business identity, speaks of your brand and harmonizes with your business philosophy. If the website fails to impress your business as a brand on the minds of the target audience, the need of redesign is evident. It is the first impression that works.

Tip: Only an experienced designer can attribute a brand look and feel to a website by designing a creative interface and an innovative logo. A website and its branding materials must be appealing as well as futuristic. Professional designers are abreast of the latest and upcoming design trends which they keep up with while designing contemporary websites.