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Whatever service or product you offer, packaging is crucial for business-critical marketing. The quality of your service or product is, no doubt, an important consideration but next to the look that captures attention. Packaging is all about product label design. The better the design, the smarter the packaging. Eye-catching product label design helps with brand identity creation and customer engagement. A must for online product marketing and branding, product label design service helps eCommerce businesses promote their products optimally.

Be particular about typography for better design

Branding and professionalism go hand in hand. Product branding becomes a success if product label design is unique in terms of look and feel. Typography is the first considerable aspect of design. Right font style, font size and font color choices determine the look of product label and target audience’s impression of the product. Legible font determines the clarity of design. How do you feel when you look at a product label with different typefaces? Just do think from a customer’s viewpoint.

Get label designed according to packaging material

Product label design should be in sync with product packaging material. The harmony between design and material is ensured by taking the medium, color and texture of the material into consideration. Our graphic design analyst takes specifications from you regarding the product and its packaging.

Customized product images work better

Aesthetically appealing product label design works more than 50% of a product marketing campaign. If product labels are designed using graphics, the final impression goes high. You can provide us with an image of your product to work on using illustration and other graphic design tools. Our graphic designers customize product images to better the look and feel in keeping with the theme or message of your product.

Choose a theme different from your rivals’

The theme of a product label must not be ignored. It is the theme that reflects the purpose and message of branding a product. The theme is usually conceptualized complying with the business objectives of product branding and marketing campaigns. The theme of Nike product label is different from that of Reebok product label. If the chosen or conceptualized theme retains uniqueness, it helps with branding. Customers connect with the theme and design of a product label first, and then with the product itself.

Different design for different look 

Imitating the product labels of your rivals may not work out to give the results as expected by you. If their product labels are glossy and shining, you should keep yours different to distinguish your brand from theirs. It serves three purposes – drawing attention to your product, differentiating the brand from others and generating brand awareness.  This strategy is useful for newcomers in the market.

Tip – Product label design is a creative marketing job that entails both creative graphic design skill and marketing knowledge. Such an important task should be assigned to a professional designer who possesses these qualities. An industry-experienced company works with professional web and graphic designers to meet the challenges of branding and marketing products through its product label design services.