Impact of Google’s upcoming new indexing on Hospice and Home Health Web Development

If you believe that the first impression is the last impression, your website in hospice healthcare should have such a custom look so as to impress visitors for the first time. Hospice web design is not just all about look and feel but professionalism and communication as well. Such websites should show the best of hospice care providers and give outstanding information through a highly interactive and easily navigable interface to target groups including patients and families. That’s why home health web development is an unavoidable necessity for hospice care in New York and New Jersey.

Besides the aesthetic look and feel, Hospice web design must be futuristic in sync with Google’s upcoming algorithmic developments for websites. The search giant, Google is gearing up to shift its desktop-first indexing to mobile-first indexing. Titled AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), the project is currently under development. AMP will be rolled out later in 2017. In AMP, Google will index mobile-friendly websites first and give priority to their ranking. To be precise, AMP will be one of the most important signals for search engine result page ranking of mobile-friendly websites.

Home Health Web Development

Just being a mobile device friendly is not enough. Accelerated means speed. Evidently, mobile websites must be loading fast. It also applies to home health web development for websites on hospice care. The expected time for AMP formatted websites to load is 0.7 seconds in comparison with 22 seconds for the loading of other web pages. Google’s objective of launching mobile-first indexing is to improve the user experience for millions of mobile searchers worldwide. If New York Hospice care web design is meant for mobile device users, Google’s AMP should be kept in view.

More than half of mobile users spend fewer than 15 seconds on a website before navigating away. Google found that 29% of smartphone users will immediately navigate away from a site if it loads slowly. So AMP will have a huge impact on website owners to attract potential customers and keep them hooked. Hospice web design and development should take the benefits of Google AMP into consideration from the very beginning. Furthermore, the increasing number of mobile users in New York and New Jersey is an unavoidable factor to decide on the AMP format of websites. After all, loading speed and navigability define the user experience.

However, AMP is not a direct search engine ranking signal. It will contribute to SERP rankings of websites in combination with other strong signals including user experience, user engagement, content relevance, use of keywords, etc. Hospice web design for home healthcare websites in New Jersey and New York should be focused on Google’s search ranking signals so that the websites get the best of themselves when AMP for mobile-first ranking will be effective. Websites with AMP designation will appear in a carousel of search results at the top of Google’s search result pages.

No doubt, Hospice web design and home health web development can best be done by a professional expert in the industry given the future picture of Google’s indexing and ranking.


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