How healthcare business can maximize its reach with mobile website

Healthcare Business Website

The focus of my discussion in this article is how a mobile website will benefit your healthcare business. The purpose is to save your business website from the glare of Google if the website is not mobile device friendly. Go through the rest and you will get to know more:

Mobile is the best-selling electronics item these days. With the increasing sale of mobile phones, the number of mobile Internet subscribers is growing by leaps and bounds. Search engines and social media are used by a maximum of mobile device users. People spend 147 minutes a day on an average over their smartphones according to a Milward Brown survey across 30 countries. Evidently, mobile health information has become a part of daily life for those who depend on their mobile phones for every little need. It is a compelling reason why healthcare business needs a mobile website to reach out to most mobile users.

Service efficiency is one of the key parameters for the growth and wellbeing of any business. Mobile-friendly healthcare business websites promise high-level service efficiency to customers in the mobile segment. These days, service-based business websites come up with the ‘sign up’ option for registration. Once customers have signed up to get registered on a website, they will have personal accounts where they can update their user profiles with the information required for dealing with or purchase from the website. They can track their dealings and transactions with the business through their user accounts on the website. Mobile websites make it easier for mobile phone users.

Healthcare businesses can maximize service efficiency based on their mobile-friendly websites. A patient’s health information and clinical reports can be uploaded to his / her user account on the website so that the patient can access and download the reports from the account on his or her mobile device at any time. The businesses don’t need to spend for postal delivery of clinical reports or call customers to collect the reports every time. Mobile websites benefit customers by ensuring absolute convenience for them.

Users can get the best of a mobile website of a healthcare business for every little need. They can access the mobile-friendly website on their mobile phones and check if a specific health product is available. They can easily search for the details of a healthcare website using the mobile Internet. If your healthcare business has a mobile-friendly website, it will show up and return the search results in the mobile browser without any hitch. Users can log on to a mobile website and browse it with ease on their mobile devices. Why not having a mobile website for your healthcare business?

Google has made mobile friendliness a mandatory consideration for ranking of websites. It is reported that Google will roll out an algorithmic update regarding the mobile-friendliness of websites as a ranking factor on April 21, 2015. Websites with no or low mobile friendliness will suffer a setback to traffic and conversions once the mobile-ranking algorithmic update is rolled out. Evidently, precaution is better than cure.


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