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Needlessly to say that WordPress is an easy to use, configure and customize publishing platform with lots of flexibility and features. It is plugins that make WordPress more user-friendly. This post is about some of the most powerful and useful WordPress plugins that can make a difference in the appearance and functionality of your upcoming or existing WordPress blog or magazine. Get in touch with a WordPress expert to have these plugins integrated to your website and also for Custom Responsive WordPress Theme.

Special Recent Posts PRO: This plugin helps make blogs and online magazines interactive and engaging. If you want your blog to display the latest posts with attractive thumbnails on the home page, Special Recent Posts PRO is the right choice. This WP plugin comes with as many as 60 options to customize it for different looks. It is a dynamic feature with flexibility to be placed anywhere on the template, resized and configured.

Magic Members: What is not possible with WordPress? This plugin is the answer to this question. If you are looking to have a content-rich WordPress website with premium membership for target users, the “Magic Members” plugin is of great use for you. It comes with a pack of several customization options facilitating the configuration of an informational website on WordPress. With this plugin integrated to the WP website, you can put your articles, essays and features for sale to premium members.

WordPress SEO by Yoast: This plugin is a complete WordPress SEO pack with a number of options. It helps with the On-page SEO of every page and every post on WordPress blogs and magazines. Of immense importance from SEO viewpoint, this WP plugin provides a preview of how each post and each page look on search engine result pages.  It helps with keyword optimization of meta titles and descriptions as well.  This SEO plugin connects WordPress websites to search engines.

Image tagging plugin – wpStickies: Another plugin to make WordPress blogs and magazines more interactive with eloquent images. It makes published images speak with fancy tooltips just as we see pictures with a little text on print magazines. It offers multi-browser compatibility and is easy to customize. If your WordPress blog is a multi-author one, you can utilize the permission control that the plugin offers to accept or reject stickies created by other authors.

HTML5 Video Player: This WordPress plugin comes with several skins and controllers. With this plugin, the videos on your WordPress website can be played in full screen mode. It supports three different video players – Bottom Playlist, Without Playlist and Right Side Playlist. The HTML5 Video Player plugin also packs in good sound control option.

Thumbnail Scroller: Make your WordPress blog more user-friendly by adding a thumbnail scroller with this plugin. The Thumbnail Scroller plugin offers lots of compatibility with multiple browsers and mobile devices including Android Smartphones, iPhones and iPads. Easy to customize and resize, this WP plugin can be used to add the scroller to any post or page.

Fanciest Author Box: If you own a WordPress blog or magazine and several authors contribute to it, you can give recognition to the authors by adding the Fanciest Author Box to your magazine. It is a versatile author bio plugin with support for social networking buttons to help authors connect with the readers from the page itself.