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Blog is integral to inbound marketing for your business. You may question the need of a blog, because you have already got a website to represent your business online. Let me give you an example to illustrate my point. You have booked a conference hall to organize a business event there. The conference room is well furnished with proper seating arrangements and equipped with modern trappings. The stage is prepared for speakers and other programs. What would it be like, if there is no one to address the attendees from the stage or if there is no program to entertain the invites or if the guests stand silent? Here, conference hall stands for a website, and the stage refers to a blog. Hope, now you have discovered the umbilical link between a website and a blog. It is blog that keeps websites dynamic in search engines and connects your target audience with your business. The usability of a blog, when it is attached to your website, is not limited here. Explore the other benefits below:

Suppose; you have an online retail gift store or a gift portal. Every season, to say festive season or wedding season, has different gifting trends. If you don’t keep them abreast of these gifting trends with the fall of each season, you business has a very few chances to hit the jackpot. Blogging on the latest collection of occasion-specific gift items, in tune with the upcoming trends, helps keep the business rolling.

Do you own a fashion portal and deal in brand apparels online? You can’t help exclaiming ‘Wow’ to know what magic a blog can do to your e-business. You can blog on the topics such as how to wear a scarf in different styles, how to wear a V-neck sweater in different ways, how to make your fashion a cocktail of varying styles.  So, what is the benefit of blogging on these topics? The benefit lies in complementing the textual content with exclusive pictures of scarves, V-neck sweaters and fashion accessories. Once the visitors are drawn to the pictures, they are sure to explore the merchandise for those items.

Why not let existing customers fetch in potential customers by interviewing the former on the blog of your business website? Interview the users of your product or service on how they have benefited from it. Such interviews with the existing customers help to connect potential visitors with your product or service. Please, don’t mistake this online marketing trick for testimonials or simple user reviews. If your target audience is fashionistas, publish interviews with style icons on the blog of your fashion portal. They will connect with not only their favorite style icons but also your business.

Do you want to know more? The SEO benefit of blogging for your business website is not to be ignored. You can link back to the target pages or landing pages of your website from the blog. Both search engine bots and users will track the pages, following the links. Do you know what Google loves to feed on? It is fresh content, and only a (updated) blog can provide this food to Google.

Do have a blog, let it play the pied piper and keep the users hooked to your website.