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You have used Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube in alignment with your marketing goals. Now is the time to try Google Plus for the same purpose. If you are new to this virtual space of Google, here is a guide to help you out.

Profile setting is the very first step towards social media optimization on Google Plus as it is on other social media platforms. Set up a Google + profile and link it with your name. It represents you as a spokesperson and retains your authority. With your name the profile gets ranked in search engine.

The next step is optimizing the profile with relevant details. A profile without details is like an empty container and a desolate place. There is space for image, headline, bio, work details and links. A well-optimized profile is convincing. Make you Google Plus profile convincing and look real by adding giving it a face (image) and an introduction (bio).

Concentration of traffic has been replaced with spiraling of traffic from the center or one point. Google lets you direct your Google + followers to your other social media profiles by linking those to the Google Plus profile. It simply means more engagement and more interaction. All Google + followers may not be active on the same platform. Some are active on Facebook, some are on Twitter whereas some on Pinterest. Let them connect with you on those platforms.

Like other social media outlets, Google Plus offers private settings. You can set your profile as private or public as per your needs. There are options to make the certain sections of the profile visible to search engines or your friends only. If you share posts publicly, the posts will be indexed in the search engine. The privately shared posts will not appear in search engine results.

Google lets you download the details of your profile in the split of a second. Data Liberation is the option that Google Plus comes with for its users. Using this option you can take a backup of the profile and its components – image, bio details, circles, shared posts, contacts, etc. If brand promotion or Google Plus marketing is your primary purpose, keep the setting as public.

Sparks is the most useful Google Plus feature for content marketers. Like a Google Alert, it helps you find out the latest topics on your chosen keywords. Suppose ‘digital marketing’ is the keyword that you are working on. Using Sparks, you can come across the blogs and articles related to it. Your search for content on digital marketing can be more specific if you specify your target geography or market.

Hangout is the most interesting feature of Google Plus. It is a feasible online conversation tool. It lets you converse and interact with the members of your circles. You can chat with individuals or a group of people at the same time. Google + Hangout is a good use for presenting a webinar or consultation to your business partners or potential customers.

There is a lot to explore about Google Plus marketing. Get in touch with a social media professional or Google Plus expert.