4 SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Good Ranking of Websites in Google

SEO Mistakes

A website if not properly designed can be redesigned to get the desired look and feel. But a website if not properly optimized due to some mistakes in the process may leave a setback to its business. Knowing what possible SEO mistakes help to avoid them. Here is a brief elaboration on the four most common mistakes in search engine optimization (SEO):

Not using the right keywords is one of the big mistakes in search engine optimization. A lot depends on the use of right keywords in optimizing content. Right keywords result in organic traffic that in turn results in leads which are converted into sales for the business. Wrong keywords just do the opposite. How to differentiate between the right keywords and wrong keywords is an important key to the game. This key is in the hands of experienced search engine optimization professionals who keep their fingers on the pulse of online markets. Having the right keywords for optimization is not enough. The ratio of keyword density and content volume also matters.

In keeping with Google’s algorithmic changes, the content has undergone a huge evolution, which is part of the new SEO. In old SEO, content used to be written for search engines while content is crafted for the target audience in new SEO. What is the definition of user-friendly content? What are the parameters to check and ensure the high quality of the content? How and where to use the right keywords in content? How to check if a piece of content meets requirements? How to optimize content performance? How to make sure the far-reaching effect of content? In the current scenario, content marketing is a herculean challenge which online marketing experts dare to take up.

Search engine optimization is a process which can neither be executed nor does bear fruit overnight. Black hat SEO is the only quick solution that can bear fruits in a short time but it involves risks including blacklisting in Google search engine. The fruit of black hat SEO does not last long. It’s very important to know if SEO strategies to be implemented for a business website are a white hat or black hat. Making right white hat SEO strategies is an out and out professional work which requires relevant industry experience and updated knowledge of online marketing.

Interlinking of pages is part of web content optimization in SEO. Using anchor texts for internal linking adds to the performance of pages in on search result pages in Google. Anchor texts are also used to interlink pages with landing pages or the home page of the website. These anchor texts are called calls to action, which help to capture leads. Over optimization of anchor texts with exact keywords is a big NO in today’s context of SEO, which otherwise appears to be spam to Google. Besides, over optimization of anchor texts is a black hat SEO practice. You know the result of spamming or black hat SEO practices.

With growing competition in the virtual search world, SEO has become a most challenging game which not everyone can conduct or monitor. In current times, optimizing business websites for search engines is like walking on eggshells.


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