4 Content Marketing Trends for Startups in United States

The days of producing loads of content for search engine optimization, blogging, social media, and email marketing are gradually coming to an end. The time ahead is the time for creating smart, strategic content for marketing and branding. Content marketing has started ruling the roost even for startups in the USA. Here’s is a brief discussion of four content marketing trends for startups:

Startups Content Marketing Trends

Mobile-oriented Content Marketing

Startups should gear their content marketing strategies toward the increasingly dominant mobile marketplace. If content fails to reach out to its target audience on their preferred platform, startups will not be able to achieve the goals of content marketing. What I mean by focusing content on the mobile marketplace is to make content easy to read and navigate on mobile devices. If business websites are not responsive and mobile friendly, content won’t be engaging and digestible to mobile device users. Here is why even a little gap between content marketing and mobile marketplace may incur a huge loss to startups:

71% of the total US population (1,006 million) is internet users. The US has recorded 1,069 million mobile subscriptions. 535 million people accounting for 53% of the total populace in the USA are active mobile social users. For your information, Google has almost shifted its content ranking structure from its desktop-first shifting to mobile-first shifting.

Interactive Content Marketing

Needless to say, today’s consumer attention span has hit a low. It is much true about mobile social users whose attention has a very short shelf life. Content marketing should not be examining the patience of today’s mobile audience. Content must be interesting and interactive to capture the attention and imagination of the target audience. Especially, startups need to implement attention-and-growth-hacking content marketing strategies such as email marketing campaigns, social media contests, informative e-books, infographics, online quizzes, and likes. Startups must think of interactive content with graphic design for their websites too. Here is why:

According to industry estimates, 81% agree that interactive content clicks with target audience more effectively than static content. 79 % agree that interactive content accentuates brand messaging and increases its retention. 79 % agree that interactive content marketing retains reusable value and results in repeat visitors.

Millennial Marketing

Undeniably, most of the startups in the US target Millennials who belong to Gen Y. Millennials are conscious consumers, finicky buyers, and agents of change. Any product or service can be best marketed to them through interactive content marketing. They engage with the content that informs, educate and entertain. The few startups in the USA, which have been able to establish themselves as brands to Millennials, acknowledge, “It’s not what you sell. It’s why and how you sell.” Interactive content marketing helps a lot with why and how you sell.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is one of the emerging content marketing trends for startups in the United States. It is a type of advertising offering useful information in a familiar format on the Web without disrupting the user experience. It engages users more than a banner ad does. The increasing use of Adblock tools is giving rise to the trend of native advertising for businesses. Both startups and existing brands can create quality content using storytelling techniques to connect with their target groups. Thus the natural user experience remains intact. According to a study by Business Insider, the native advertising content will generate revenue worth $21 million in 2017 for US markets.


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