Web Designer Sacramento

Once upon a time, the reach to the web world was limited to desktops on desks. Laptops put the users of the web world on the move to some extent. Now mobile internet has facilitated access to the web world from anywhere and at anytime. Evidently, the web world is accessible from not only desktops and laptops but also tablets and mobile phones. It brought a question before businesses regarding how to reach out to maximum mobile Internet users in order to tap into the power of the 24×7 web world. Fluid/Liquid HTML website is the only answer.

Fluid or Liquid HTML website design has gained popularity in 2014. Though it has been the most talked about trend throughout the year, many businesses are not properly aware or convinced about the advantages of having a Flexible HTML website on WordPress. A business website with liquid HTML design has proven to be effective in increasing the number of users, the number of leads and the volume of revenues. Websites supported with liquid HTML design facilitate seamless interaction between the business and the target audience across all devices. These websites can be maintained efficiently and cost effectively.

No need to say that developing different versions of a website for different devices costs a lot. Liquid HTML website design saves on this cost a lot. It enables a website to fit in the browser windows of different devices irrespective of their varying sizes, and deliver the same user experience. A user can view the same page on different devices without any distortion in the look and feel. It helps to retain the user until he responds to the call to action and becomes a customer. If the user views the same page of a usual website on two different devices, he will have different experiences which may hold him back from taking the buying decision.

No doubt, liquid HTML websites are user friendly. These websites are cost effective not only in maintenance but also in search engine optimization. It costs a lot more to optimize the different versions of a website than the all-in-one version. Different SEO strategies are required for the desktop version and the mobile version of a website. But, it is not the case with WordPress websites with liquid HTML design. Even the content structure of these websites remains the same across the platforms of different screen sizes. Thanks to the liquid HTML design, visibility and readability of webpage content do not change with the change of browser window.

What more? Websites with liquid HTML design look great despite varying screen resolutions of devices. It does not influence the look and feel of websites. That is why the websites retain the same level of visibility.

If you are looking to save on business overheads, you must have a WordPress website with liquid HTML design. There are other advantages of having a liquid HTML website. Let’s have a discussion….