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Fashion and web design have a lot in common. Both are ever-changing niches undergoing an evolution whenever a new trend sets in. With the consistent technological advancement of the virtual world, today’s websites are to face challenges from tomorrow’s websites. Constant striving to learn new trends and implement them is the only way to ensure futuristic web design. Here is a discussion on the web design trends 2013.

Responsive to fit in varying dimensions of user devices

With technology advancing towards infinity, upcoming websites in 2013 need to be more responsive. There is no standard size of computing and mobile devices, with new models are rolling out in the market every month. Most of Internet freaks use Smart phones and tabs to browse websites when they are on the move. Only responsive web design can meet the challenge of fitting in the varying dimensions of mobile and computer screens. Designing websites in keeping with the regular size of specific computer or tab or mobile models is far from being advisable.

Trendy typography designs to improve the look

With a huge range of Typography available, there are innumerable fonts to choose from. Using a trendy typography to define the theme and purpose based look and feel of websites is an informed decision. 2013 is being expected to be the year of trendy typography designs. This web design trend 2013 will help enhance the look of websites and intensify the appeal.

Vertical scrolling of menus and buttons for smooth navigation 

Smooth navigation is one of the variables of a website being usable to mobile device users. Vertical scrolling is going to dominate the navigation of websites by replacing horizontal scrolling in 2013. Websites with vertical scrolling of menus and social media sharing buttons are easy to navigate for mobile users. It is one of the most anticipated web design trends 2013, targeted for mobile device friendly websites.

Huge button design for easy touch-screen tapping

Plus-size buttons to be integrated with the design of websites is already in vogue. With touch screen technology dominating the use of mobile devices and tabs, huge buttons are set to be one of the web design trends in 2013. It will enhance the mobile user experience by making touch-screen tapping many times easier. This trend may not be a hit with designers due to a downside that is need of more graphics. Use of more graphics slows down websites. However, let’s be hopeful.

Customized templates with brand look and feel    

Designing a brand not a mere website is all set to be a trend in 2013. With businesses looking to have instant recognition, brand website design or website design with brand look and feel is the future. Designers are required to focus on key elements of design, to say logos and landing pages. Good design appeals to the target audience, but brand design engages them. Customized themes or templates will be in more demand. Only professional web design companies can provide you with customized themes or templates for your dream websites.

The web design trends 2012 include parallax scrolling a well. These trends are being expected to revolutionize and redefine the way websites are designed now. After all, learning new things for evolution and trying them for betterment helps survive the stiff competition in the industry.