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Facebook Graph Search is an advanced take on what Google had introduced to pull relevant information from within the user’s online social circles. Purposed to enhance the user’s social search experience by delivering more personalized results, the Graph Search is of great benefit for those who are looking to stay updated about their social media connections and social media happenings. This latest Facebook feature is programmed to keep you updated on four fronts: people, interests, photos and places.

If you are looking to visit the restaurant which your close friends have been to, Facebook Graph Search can help you find it out easily. If you google for a good restaurant, you will get search results on those restaurants whose SEO has been done well. In contrast to Google, Facebook Search will return results based on what your Facebook friends recommend. Facebook search will filter results based on some variables such as likes and comments on restaurants’ fan pages.

Searching for the photos and videos shared by your friends on Facebook will become easier with Facebook Graph Search. Google does not facilitate such specific or personal searches, despite its consistent evolution. Only long-tail search queries can help you out. Instead of visiting your friend’s profile and exploring it for a specific picture album, you can easily get at it using the upcoming search feature of Facebook. After all time matters and Facebook values the time of its users.

Some examples of search queries to get the best of Facebook search engine

  • Delhi restaurants that my friends have been to
  • Wedding pictures of my friend in Mumbai
  • Details of tourist spots in Florence shared by my friends
  • Seafood restaurants in Greece

Speculations about the benefit of Facebook search engine for marketers are the current talk of the industry. It is difficult to conclude anything about the usability of this feature just on the basis of mere speculations. What matters most to inbound marketers is maximum visibility of businesses. Only the content going viral across social media platforms makes it possible. Content goes viral on Facebook in no time.

There are possibilities that Internet marketers can get the best of Facebook search engine by creating great marketing content and maintaining interactive fan pages or business pages. If Facebook’s initiative to streamline the search process for its worldwide users becomes a hit, social media marketing which has already been incorporated into online marketing campaigns will be more in demand. With Facebook Graph Search, a nice time is awaiting social media marketing companies.

You can try the beta version at www.facebook.com/graphsearch

Check details and privacy terms of Graph Search at www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch/privacy