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Things of use require regular maintenance. Similarly, website maintenance is a key requirement to stay updated and advanced on various fronts in comparison to your competitors. A website without maintenance lacks updated information, look and feel. Like things in a junk store, such websites fail to deliver the goods, meet user expectations, rank in search engines, beat the competition and draw traffic. Maintenance from time to time is the key to get the best of business websites in the virtual markets.

Why website maintenance outsourcing

Website maintenance entails technical, functional and SEO support. It is a collective effort of designers, developers, SEO analysts, graphic artists, and content writers. To say precisely, website maintenance is complete teamwork. Outsourcing it to an organization or an expert is a better and cheaper option for medium-size organizations and professionals. Having a website maintenance team in-house increases the overheads which small businesses and individuals may not afford.

Why my service for website maintenance

A website is designed, developed and optimized in alignment with search engine guidelines. With changes in the algorithmic guidelines of search engines like Google, the website framework or structure needs to be updated from the SEO standpoint. It may require updating the design, coding, meta tags, etc.

If your website provides information in form of news and press release related to an industry, daily or weekly maintenance is required to update the information. As we know that Google loves fresh content, the webpage content needs periodical updates to remain fresh.

Regular maintenance is mandatory for eCommerce portals to be running without any hitch. Product categories are updated, new products are added and outdated products are removed. Product prices need to be updated in keeping with changes in the market.

Website maintenance is required to keep the navigation of a website smooth throughout the pages. The navigation structure is troubled by broken links. Locating broken links and fixing them falls under the purview of maintenance for a website.

Maintenance is needed for WordPress websites. as WordPress framework is evolved from time to time.  In keeping the technical evolution, new features are installed to update WordPress websites functionally. New features may include the latest plugins or widgets.

Adding new pages, embedding video links, removing unnecessary links, removing additional images, optimizing content, updating content and integrating social media tabs make maintenance a must need for websites.

I provide advanced web maintenance services at affordable prices. My client portfolio includes businesses as well as individual website owners across geographies.

At present, I maintain websites for businesses in the United States, Canada, EU, and India.

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