Rebranding for Better SEO: Dos and Don’ts for ENT Clinics in USA

A rebranding of a business website may make or break the SEO profile of the website in its target geo-specific market. Rebranding requires a lot of deliberation in connection with SEO rankings of a website. The purpose of rebranding will be best served if the SEO value remains the same. Here are a few suggestions regarding rebranding for ENT clinic websites in New Jersey and New York.


Keep the original domain name as it is

Usually, a rebranding of a business starts by changing the domain name. However, it is not recommendable since changing the domain name means losing recognition in the market and relearning it. It is true about ENT clinics in New York, New Jersey, and other US cities, having an existing base of customers online. Sometimes a domain name needs to be changed for a fresh makeover but it means a loss of search engine traffic. It requires a lot of deliberation to change the domain name for rebranding.

Keep Original Content as Much as Possible

If you can’t help changing the domain name of your ENT clinic’s website for rebranding, try to keep the original content as much as possible. If new content is an absolute necessity, you can replicate the existing stuff by tweaking it here and there, and replacing old keywords with new ones wherever possible. It helps to retain the content authorship and authority that in turn prevents search engine rankings from going down. At least, try to maintain the same content styling regarding fonts and headers. It helps in SEO.

Make Sure to Use Redirects Correctly

If you decide on changing the domain name finally, make sure to redirect the pages of the old site to corresponding pages of the new site. It helps to retain the user experience instead of losing it. To be precise, if you are shifting your ENT clinic from New York to New Jersey, the pages of the New York based website must be redirected to the pages of the New Jersey based website. Redirecting pages may be difficult depending on the URL structure. Make sure to prioritize redirecting the most popular pages or the pages with high organic traffic.

Tune all Social Media Accounts for Rebranding

The rebranding of your ENT clinic website in New Jersey or New York may have a negative impact on the social media presence of your business. The effort of rebranding a business on social media can be small or big depending on social media platforms. For instance, you can change the name and revise the URL of your business’ Facebook page only once. It is not easy to change the URL of your business page on LinkedIn. You need to contact LinkedIn directly. Besides the company name, you may need after the rebranding of your ENT website may not be available. It is advisable to check the availability of the name before rebranding.

Last but not least, a rebranding of your New York or New Jersey ENT clinic website should be mobile friendly. Keep mobile traffic in view while rebranding. Make sure that the new interface, new pages, and new navigation are mobile device friendly. The website must be easy to access and the new pages must be easy to read on mobile platforms.


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