Content Marketing Trends for ENT Clinics in New Jersey and New York

Content Marketing ENT Clinics

Data-backed Content Marketing

Why should people trust your ENT clinic with their health? The possible and common answers are market reputation and authority. Reputation can be built or achieved only by virtue of good treatment, patients’ feedback and word of mouth. But authority? Authority can be established or developed through data-based or backed content marketing.

Case study, white paper, and infographic are high-level formats of data-backed content marketing. Relevant data empowers content with supporting statement, figures, and facts, which helps in winning the trust of the target audience. Apart from usual blog posts on the lines of your work, you should publish white papers or case studies on the critical cases which your ENT clinic has successfully handled.

It is a challenge to integrate case studies into an overall marketing strategy. Besides writing a case study with a focus on key areas and in a convincing manner is an effortful job to be helmed by a professional content writer having good knowledge of data mining. You will be able to establish your professional expertise and authority among prospects through such data-based case studies.

Personalized Content Marketing

Personalization of content marketing is one of the trends for ENT doctors in New York, New Jersey, and other US cities. Personalization is a great way to reach out to individuals or a group of individuals, thereby facilitating a good number of conversions. Personalization is a magical touch that target individuals can’t be indifferent to.

Do categorize your existing patients into groups based on their ENT cases and personalize content marketing strategies accordingly. You have successfully handled a critical case, but it may be of little interest to the group of individuals whose problem is different from the case. So there is no point in sending that case study to them.

As per statistics of personalized marketing, 56% of customers are likely to come back if treated to a personalized experience. It results in higher brand loyalty, higher engagement, and higher conversions. Do personalize case studies on your ENT clinics in New York or New Jersey based on different treatments that you provide or different health cases of your patients.

Video-based Content Marketing

Today’s mobile device users are too impatient to consume textual content over a long time. It’s always better to give them the dose that suits them the most. Undeniably, there are some common and some rare treatment procedures. Why not make educational videos on rare treatment procedures at your ENT clinic in New York or New Jersey for your prospects? The video content will not only educate them on the complexity of ENT treatments but also give them a picture of your clinic’s infrastructure. For your information, video content is part of Google search results. Besides, the marketing power of video content can be leveraged in video-sharing portals like YouTube.

These three types of content marketing for ENT clinics in New Jersey, New York, and other US cities drive conversions by helping prospects make informed decisions.


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