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Wondering how to make your upcoming ecommerce website different from the existing ones which are rolling in the market? Innovative design with the latest trends is a sure way to make difference. Therefore, I have listed the latest ecommerce design trends out of my knowledge and research on the same.

Product pages with infinite scrolling

Infinite scrolling is one of the latest ecommerce web design trends. It is useful for most users while some users find it annoying. Scrolling to a great extent is an engaging feature to keep the user at work. Scrolling a page on and on till the end may be a bit annoying if the page is half full and half empty or it lacks quality stuff that the target audience looks for. If an ecommerce website integrates infinite scrolling, the pages must display a number of products. That makes infinite scrolling useful.

Highlight products, not design

An ecommerce website is all about products, not design. Simplicity in terms of design is recommended. How to ensure simplicity in design is a big question. Simple design can be achieved by using specific typography and engaging images. Graphic design is not the only way to take a website to the next level of aestheticism. Design should highlight products, not itself. It is good online shopping.

Grab attention with parallax scrolling

Websites with parallax scrolling are interactive and engaging. Even if the product that such a website displays is not interesting, users will like interactive with the website itself. Scrolling up and down such websites is entertaining because the look and feel of the page keep changing with scrolling. A website with parallax scrolling is a collage of home pages in a vertical order. With the slightest scrolling, the page moves down and the image changes. It makes the user scroll down the website till the end. Parallax scrolling websites with bold images may take time to load. This is the only disadvantage.

Sell through high resolution pictures

The higher is resolution, the better are pictures. The better are pictures, the more engaging is website. Bold images with powerful graphics add to the resolution of a website. It is recommended exclusively for ecommerce websites. High resolution product pictures are a must for ecommerce portals. Such a picture grabs attention the moment a product page is clicked. A HD picture is the right way to show off a product and highlight its specialty.

Say ‘No’ to traditional navigation     

You think of smooth movement by navigation. Have you ever thought of creative navigation? Creative navigation is fun and generates interest. Generally, we have a tool bar displaying a menu of categories at the top of websites. The traditional toolbar can be replaced with innovative icons relevant to the theme of categories. It complements the overall design and grabs attention. It leaves an enduring impression on visitors.

Think of onmichannel application

Of the latest ecommerce design trends is omnichannel application. Websites are no more designed for only monitors. Especially, online shopping has wide reach to mobile users. Evidently, online shopping portals or ecommerce websites are designed for multiple channels from monitor to tablet, from iPhone to Smartphone. So, ecommerce design must be an all-in-one solution.