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Is your website absolutely searchable? I know you will reply “Of course, yes”. Websites must be searchable in not only search engines but also to users. Your website may be searchable in search engines. What about its user-friendly searchability? User-friendly searchability of a website means the availability of the website content to the users. A search box is the most prominent feature which gives access to any corner of websites. So, impeccable functioning of the search box is a must. If the search function lacks precision, the users will have a difficult time with your website.

News portals and ecommerce websites in particular need a suitably positioned, precise search box and a trail of breadcrumbs to keep users on the track. A trail of breadcrumbs indicates navigation from the home page to a category page, from the category page to a subcategory page, and from the subcategory page to a product page. Thus, it guides carefully the first-time users from and back to the home page. This feature must be meticulously designed ensuring user-friendliness of content-rich websites.

Shopping cart

Shopping cart is another most important feature of ecommerce websites. It must be suitably positioned and precisely functioning to the benefit of existing and potential customers. It is the shopping cart where a customer keeps his choices safe so that he can purchase the selected items later on. It helps the shopping cart manager to keep customers in the loop. Both potential and existing customers stay connected with their preferred ecommerce websites through the shopping cart. The shopping cart must have flexible features so that shoppers can easily add or delete items. It must be convenient to maintain the number of items in the shopping cart. There must be no space for confusion.

Product showcase

Online shopping portals are much akin to physical brand stores in terms of product showcase. The display of items must be as attractive as possible, be it online or offline. In offline stores, lighting condition, ambience, interior décor and mannequins make the product showcase endearing to shoppers. What makes online product display appealing is the design of product category pages and individual product pages. Product images must be displayed with ‘zoom in’ feature. This is the job of a professional designer.

Product page design

Online product pages are not just about product images. Product page design is just like the choreography of a song. Product images and details must be in harmony on the page. Product pages with disoriented look and feel are repulsive to visitors who will get out of the website before converting into customers. There is no space for lack of professionalism in the design of online product shopping pages. It requires perfection of several different aspects – color choices, dimensions, image size, typography, placement of product description, etc. Call to action is one of the most important features of product pages. Designing call to action is a highly professional task.