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Customer is the king in the online shopping world. The king must be served best, lavished most of the attention, and pleased with the best things. eCommerce businesses are looking to revamp their shopping portals with the latest design trends in order to please customers, serve them best and make them feel home during shopping. The more enhanced is user experience, the more pleased are customers. Professional designers design upcoming eCommerce business websites and redesign the existing ones, keeping in view the importance of user experience. What are they up to in 2014? Which eCommerce design trends are they to go with in 2014? Read on to check…

Quick product preview design

Some of the eCommerce design features are dedicated to ensure great user experience. The user experience is highlighted when smooth and effortless browsing gets the best of websites in a short time. “Quick product preview”, one of the most defining eCommerce design features in 2013, has already clicked with the time-savvy online shoppers. It does not require shoppers to browse the product pages forth and back when they are on a particular product page. Quick product reviews pop up at one side of the bottom of every product page so that shoppers can view the related products without scrolling all the way forth or back. The usefulness of this feature will be leveraged more in 2014.

Creative photo navigation design

“Ring out the old, ring in the new” has been the mantra for eCommerce designers. They always take a creative approach at designing the navigation for online shopping portals. The latest ecommerce design trend is photo navigation which is far different from traditional navigation style. Photo navigation not only makes navigation attractive but also visually compliments the look of websites. A creative replacement for traditional toolbars, photo navigation adds a modern dimension to online shopping markets. Professional designers know how to design more creative navigation using high-quality photos. It has an appeal to the shoppers who look for a new virtual shopping experience.

Additional product recommendation design

Many online shoppers are confused about what to buy and what not to buy when they don’t have a particular thing on mind. To catch this section of customers, ecommerce websites implemented “product recommendation” feature on the basis of those customers’ past or previous buying trends. The recommended products are often related to those which they have already shopped for. To engage these particular shoppers with the merchandise on display at eCommerce retail websites, the “additional product recommendation” feature has surfaced. Ecommerce web designers are working with this trend more creatively. Additional product recommendations take shoppers to the latest merchandise.