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Every landing page is designed with conversion goal in mind. The most significant aspect as well as challenging part of any landing page design is to draw the visitors’ attention to call-to-action area which actually converts them into buyers.

Conversion of customers depends much on their browsing experience. If they like your website look, they will happily open their wallet otherwise it will be a come-and-go routine for them. Let us now discuss about some effective design cues – both suggestive and explicit – to guide your target customers’ eyes to conversion area.

Blank Space

Blank space, also called white space, serves some special purposes. It gives breathing space to an area of higher importance. For example, if there is enough white space (color is not much of importance) around ‘Call to Action’ section, it will stand out from other visible aspects of your website and there is a chance that visitors will be more focused on that particular area.


Colors are known to exact emotional response from the target visitors. For example, orange is believed to stir up positive feeling and so ideal for CTA. You can also go with green. Blue makes an automatic choice as a classic color for link.


Color contrast is also an important consideration. This idea actually symbolizes “isolation with difference”. Positioning and color contrast of the subject of interest are very much important. Choose a single color with different shades for the landing page except for “Call to Action” section to make it come out of the page.

If CTA is different from other elements on landing page, it will easily grab visitors’ eyeballs. And you won’t require more than one or two key components to create high, attractive and impactful contrast. If you have chosen grey/black for your text, then CTA in white will never provoke the visitors into action. However, if your website has lot of blank space, a big button in black or white will produce a dramatic effect.

Remember, colors, contrast and designs are emotional elements of your website but that play a key role to guide the visitors to CTA, fulfilling your goal of conversion.

Use Suggestive Eye Power

Every human being has a tendency to follow others’ stare/gaze/glance and also understands the purpose served through those eye movements or actions. If you are walking along a lane and see somebody staring upwards, your innate curiosity will instruct your eyes to follow the gaze to know what is going there. We would suggest using images of animals or human being and have them gazing at your CTA part. The visitors will follow the gaze and reach conversion area.