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Pinterest is getting close to Facebook in terms of popularity, day by day. Pinterest marketing has got incorporated into social media marketing campaigns for existing brands and upcoming businesses. Facebook users are getting drawn to the visual appeals of Pinterest. What should you do in times of such driving competition between these two social media giants? Should you switch the marketing campaign from Facebook to Pinterest? Or, would it be better to continue with the campaign on both platforms? The second choice would make an informed decision. Make sure to revise the Facebook marketing campaign with more focus on the details of Facebook page design?

The Facebook page is a social media landing page of your business. To put emphasis on the importance of design is not unjust. Harmony of copy (text), image and offer is the secret to beautiful designs that click with the eyes. Consistent connect between copy and offer is the very first point of harmony in design. The page title or the headline of the page must speak of the offer through the right set of words.  Even a small communication gap between these two features will confuse visitors.

The second point of harmony among the design elements of Facebook page is the image match with the offer. Suppose, the offer is an herbal skincare product. If the image is that of a metro-sexual boy or girl with glowing skin, the audience may not be able to connect with the product. In all types of ads and on all platforms, an image complements a product and communicates the message. Even a little difference between the image and the offer would be the bane of Facebook marketing campaigns. Be choosy about the image, and be careful about the design.

Similarity between the headline of the page and the call to action button in size is the third most important point of harmony about the Facebook page design. No need to say about the importance of call-to-action buttons in details. The call to action buttons must be large and distinctly visible just as headlines of news, features and articles are highlighted in bold letters and large fonts. Call to action button is the key to conversion. It must stand out among the features and design details of Facebook pages. Let the visitor neither look for it nor scroll down the page.

Most business website owners are more about the design of Google AdWords landing pages than that of social media landing pages. They seem to think that dedicated landing pages are not mandatory for Facebook marketing.  If you give importance to Facebook marketing campaign for the branding of your business, then Facebook page design deserves importance too. The page must be designed by an experienced landing page designer with close adherence to the guidelines of effective conversion. After all, Facebook page is the base of Facebook marketing.