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The loss of inputted data for some or the other reason is a bad and negative experience which may not necessarily be repeated. But once users make this experience on an e-commerce website, it lowers their trust in the reliability and usability of the website. Such user experience is a great issue for m-commerce websites. It happens mainly because of a website’s low technology or technical limitation which is manifested in the following possible reasons which I have discussed in details below:

Lack of data persistence

Mobile users are data sensitive. The fear of losing the data like user login details or credit card number that they input by typing each key of the mobile device pad flits across their minds. If the inputted data are lost and the user needs to enter the same again, it will result in utter frustration. That is why; data persistence is not to be sniffed at. Solid technology is required to ensure data persistence for m-commerce websites.

The data persistence technology, once implemented, is tested thoroughly. It helps with temporary storage of the inputted data on mobile devices. User data persistence often fails on large devices like desktops and laptops. Don’t you leave the website or portal that asks you to enter your login details several times? Be sure that your m-commerce website users feel the same too if it does happen to them.

Investment is a solid data persistence technology is not a cost-effective approach. But there is no alternative to this solution which keeps potential visitors and existing customers coming back to e-commerce websites for transactions. M-commerce websites are worth this investment for profitability and high conversion levels. When the inputted data are lost, many users are afraid if the inputted data are abused virtually. Why leave such issues untreated to worry users?

Unexpected page reloading

Unexpected page reloading is no less frustrating and worrying than inputted data loss. We often face this problem when we fill out a contact or registration form and the page is automatically reloaded. Though the inputted data are often not lost, unexpected page reloading causes us to fear losing data for a while. It is an absolute unease for mobile device users.

Many users are scared of leaving the checkout process for the possible loss of inputted data. We fill in the order checkout page once we have selected a product for purchase online. But we often fall in mind of a better product or a product with more features. But most of us let this desire die as we are afraid if leaving the checkout process and going back to check for another product would cause inputted data loss.

Fear of using “back” button      

Most users fear the “back” button to be dangerous during the checkout process. They click the “back” button when no other option is found or left. Such a fear is just in many cases. Many websites do not deliver on the promise to store and retain the inputted data when the “back” button is clicked.