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You may be caught between two minds about the choice of custom WordPress theme over free WordPress template for your website. Many organizations and professionals are wise enough to choose the former over the latter as they are aware of the advantages of website development from custom designs. Here are top 5 benefits of custom theme design to make the picture clear to you:

Custom design to concertize your vision 

The website developed from a custom WordPress Theme works like a vehicle which you can drive in whichever direction you like. To be precise, the website will look, appear and function the way you have dreamed of or visualized. It will integrate only the features that you want, for example, either vertical scroll or horizontal scroll or both. Custom theme based websites will best serve your needs and meet your specific requirements.

Custom design to outsmart your competitor  

Are you impressed by the look and feel of your competitor’s website? Is the design of the rival’s website fetching traffic and driving conversions? Are you looking to get a better website than the rival’s? Only customization can help you out with a unique template for your business website. It is not difficult to find several websites with the design in common. Those websites are developed from a single template that is available free for download on Internet.

Custom design to impress target audience 

A website is user-friendly if it is designed with the target audience in view. Some of the freely available WordPress templates are user-friendly, but they may not necessarily suit the taste of your target audience. To say precisely, you have downloaded a free travel website theme from the Internet, and your target audience is adventure tourists. The theme may not be developed into the kind of website that adventure travel buffs like. You can hit the jackpot with a custom design appealing to the target groups.

Custom design to exercise your freedom

It would be wrong to say that free WordPress theme cannot be customized. Some free templates can be customized only to some extent. Some of the integrated features may be customizable, while some may not be. Chances are that the features whose look and feel you want to customize for better are non-customizable. So, your freedom to make the most out of a free theme is limited.

Custom design to make small investment

It is easy to develop full-fledged websites from custom template designs. Coding for a website to develop from a custom design is easy and efficient. At times, customized WordPress themes are turn-key installation for website development. Technical efficiency ensures reduced consumption of resources that, in turn, ensures cost effectiveness. It is a good solution for small businesses whose investment is small too.

Apart from these, there are several other advantages of custom web design over free templates. We would like to discuss each of the advantages with you. So, please do get in touch