Web Designer Sacramento

Designing a web layout is no longer the same as it used to be earlier. Earlier we had to worry about keeping our website consistent in multiple browsers but now we have to keep into our mind the multiple devices or various resolutions. Since mid 2011, Responsive website development has seen a big leap and popularity among the developers and slowly but gradually responsive website design layout will become a standard for website development in the coming days. As today we have smart phones, tabs and who knows what’s next! So, our website should be intelligent enough to present itself to these new innovative devices having multiple resolution types. The sooner we migrate the better it is.

Making a website compatible for multi device and adjust itself in accordance to screen resolution is the goal of having a responsive web layout. These type of layouts are fluid in nature and changes itself not only with reference to structure but also display of content types. We need to create an intelligent cocktail of HTML and CSS for this, which takes bit more time than conventional development for its various grid calculations for the framework development.

Once we have a fundamental HTML/CSS published for a web layout, we can convert that to a theme or template for various popular open source frameworks available and WordPress themes are no exceptions. The grid structure of your theme changes itself depending on the resolution value, so you don’t have to pay extra for developing a new mobile version of your website.

Since WordPress Admin interface is highly user-friendly for the non-techies, so, you can also carry out your own updates from time to time, without worrying about your front end. As you will have one site one admin panel that will make your presence felt in various types of online visitors with a pleasant experience hence it will lead to greater penetration on your online marketing effort.

If you are planning to get one responsive theme designed and developed for your company’s website or looking forward to a redesign in the near future, you can feel free to contact me for any consultation, designing  or development.