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WordPress 4.0 is more precise, useful and friendly than the previous versions. There are improvements of the UI and additions to the dashboard of WordPress. Those who have not started blogging or integrated a WordPress blog to their company websites have a nice time ahead. Now is the right time to get new WordPress theme designs. Why you should invest in new template design for WordPress website now is discussed below:

The media management mechanism of WordPress 4.0 integrates a new embedding feature for media-happy users. You no longer need to embed a YouTube video or a tweet or a Facebook note or a Facebook album as a code in a post and preview it before hitting the ‘publish’ or ‘update’ button. Using the brand new media embedding feature, you can embed a video or a tweet or a picture album in the Edit Post panel and see it right there. It has never been so easy to browse the media gallery as it is now. The media gallery of WordPress 4.0 features an improved order of image thumbnails with a scrolling feature. Just a click on the thumbnail will show the details of the image. If a video is uploaded to the media gallery, you can view it in the dashboard. WordPress 4.0 template design is highly suitable for visual content.

WordPress 4.0 is a reason of happiness for bloggers and writers too. It promises an enhanced level of writing experience. Usually, people use the font style of their choice while writing and then publish it on WordPress. However, the latest improvements of WordPress may tempt users to change their habit. A sticky header and footer is one of the new features of the dashboard, which does not require you to scroll up or down. You can easily check the word count or format any option. Though this feature is not a big deal, it is likely to improve your overall writing experience. Many bloggers have welcomed it for the sake of convenience in writing, posting and modifying content.

One of the most useful additions to WordPress 4.0 is the new way to browse the plugins. It is a major update of the WordPress dashboard in five long years. In the previous versions of WordPress, it was difficult to find useful plugins unless the plugins were not known. The latest version is not a big way different from the previous one, but you can easily find unknown plugins using a number of options available in the new version. ‘Featured’, ‘Popular’, ‘Newest’ and Favorite’ are the options which you can use to filter the available plugins. Plus, you can check the reviews of each plugin in the dashboard. It will result in an increase in the diversity of plugins.

A selection of languages for WordPress installation is the most useful addition to WordPress 4.0. The previous versions would require users to follow the installation steps in US English, which was a kind of barrier for non-English speakers. Now, the availability of different other languages to choose as mediums of installation and instruction is a reason for the non-English users to rejoice. The linguistic freedom of using WordPress will drive the growth of user base for this content management system.