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Blogging has come a long way as a pastime, a hobby, a profession, a marketing practice and online socialization. Blog is a multidimensional platform which connects with multiple channels on the Web. If it is built and maintained as a professional platform for marketing and reputation building, it pays off in many positive ways. Here is how blog can help lawyers and why lawyers need to have personal blogs:

Reputation Building      

Reputation enhancement is a most important purpose that blogging serves effectively. Regular blogging helps professionals including lawyers to get noticed and heard in their respective niches. It helps lawyers to establish themselves as experts in the market. Attorneys can improve their credibility scores by blogging on specific legal topics and real-life cases. Credibility and reputation go hand in hand. More credibility means stronger reputation. Blog, if maintained on a regular basis, is a powerful reputation-building platform for lawyers in particular. They can qualify to be trustworthy thought leaders through blogging.

Viral Marketing

In the present times of Internet-driven digital media, every profession needs to be backed with viral marketing. Marketing through traditional media is very expensive, which many professionals, especially the newly qualified or beginners, cannot afford. Blogging is the most cost-efficient viral marketing solution. When your posts and articles, published with your name in the byline, will be liked and shared by readers, your name will go viral and thus, your reputation will be built. Blog is the first and foremost platform that connects its owner or author with other blogs, social media channels and lots of readers, thereby helping with viral marketing.

Search Engine Presence

Being a web-based platform or part of the virtual real estate, blog is accessible to potential visitors through search engines. Those in your acquaintance circle who you will surely share the name and URL / web address of your blog with can easily access it. But, there are thousands of potential readers and visitors in the search engine and the social media world beyond your acquaintance circle. Regular blogging is the most efficient way to reach out to a maximum of them. This particular benefit of blog is very useful for lawyers as well. Besides, blog helps to build presence in search engines. Your name, professional identity and profiles will be indexed in search engines through blogging.

LinkedIn Marketing

Lawyers like you can benefit from blogging for LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn is a business and professional networking platform. Any post or news or article can go viral on LinkedIn as on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. So you can share your blog on LinkedIn too. The blog going viral, your LinkedIn profile will get noticed by your peers and other professionals whose recommendation does matter in the market. Once you are recommended or endorsed by senior professionals in your niche or by experts in other niches, your career will get a boost. And, professional reputation on LinkedIn retains lots of value which you capitalize to get other benefits.

Lawyers can reap several other benefits from having personal blogs. Blog has endless possibility to push one’s career or profession forward. Why should you be out of blogging?