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Trust and credibility plays an important role in connecting businesses with their target audience for more and more business. The first step towards making a website credible and building trust with prospects is the professional design of the website and its key pages. Here is a discussion on the importance of webpage design for maximum credibility of business websites.

Design of “Our Team” Page

Hope, you might have noticed that business websites are displaying the faces and brief profiles of the key professionals, who hold very responsible positions like managing director, chief technical officer, chief marketing officer, chief product manager, managing editor, editor in chief, etc. in their organizations, on the company profile pages. The page, titled “Our Team” or “We the Team” is added to the company profile or ‘About Us’ section of websites.

Online company profiles with human face help organizations to build trust with potential clients for business. It helps to build recognition for startups as well. That is why startups should have the page “Our Team” designed by a user interface professional for their company / business websites. Design of this particular page in the “About Us” section is critical to the reputation of businesses as the page is emotively designed integrating the economics of human psychology.

Design of Online Payment Pages

Payment pages of business websites need to be trustworthy in look and feel, too. Special attention to the design of online payment pages is a must for startups, which have newly ventured into or are about to enter online marketplace. Prospects often hesitate to do business or make purchase from the websites of startup companies due to lack of credibility in the look and feel of online payment pages.

You may think integrating the logos of payment gateways to the payment page of your website is enough to assure prospects of protection from credit card fraud or identity theft. Yes, logos of payment gateways help to build credibility to some extent. Any website can optimize their payment page with such logos. So, where is the difference? If payment pages are designed in sync with the theme and philosophy of your business / organization, it will make a big difference to the credibility of your website.

Design of Client Testimonial Pages

The same logic applies to the need of designing online testimonial pages. Display of client / customer testimonials accelerates credibility of a business and helps with marketing among new prospects. It is true that testimonials add to the credibility of the profile of business / company websites. Have you ever thought that a testimonial page itself needs to look credible? Displaying customer / client testimonials is not a big deal. Where does your business stand out? It is professional design that can maximize the trustworthiness of your website’s testimonial page. If testimonial pages lack credibility in look and feel, honest testimonials seem to be ineffective. First, do make sure to have client testimonial pages designed credibly for your business website.

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