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Blogging! Blogging! Blogging! Enough of blogging! Do you know that blogging has undergone a transformation? The current fad is online magazine. Yes, an online magazine looks like a board of some blogs. A far cry from a blog, online magazine steals the show in look and feel. I don’t mean glossy and gleaming like print magazine.  Online magazine is appealing, too. Here is how a creative web designer with a good sense of aestheticism defines the beauty of online magazines.

The most important part of a blog or a website or an online magazine, needlessly to say, is homepage or index page. If the homepage of blogs is as attractive as girls, that of a web magazine is as beautiful as a bride in her best finery. Hope, the comparison makes clear what I want to say. The homepage of web magazines is dominated by image-based look. To give you a precise idea, it is just like a shining glass dominated front of an urban shopping mall.

The images on the homepage are not mere showpieces. Each of the images is linked to a category or section of the magazine online. Once you click left button of the mouse on an image, you will land on the related category page. Unlike unusual blogs which list a specific number of posts in vertical order on the homepage, a web magazine is a collage of images; the image of the latest post in each of the categories. It means that the homepage gives a glimpse of the latest posts of all categories. No need to scroll down endlessly.

Take a lifestyle magazine online for instance. Usually, fashion, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, funky fashion, ethnic fashion, fashion accessories and fashion tips are different categories or sections of a lifestyle magazine on the web. Isn’t it a great convenience to explore the latest updates in all the categories of an online mag from the homepage itself?  Just like shopping for several different things of various brands under the roof of a shopping mall!

When there is a look, there is a style. The individual look and feel of a mag on the web is defined by style to some extent.  Images on the homepage are placed neither vertically nor horizontally only.  Some are listed in a horizontal order, while some are placed vertically.  Some images are of square shape, while some are rectangular. Some are bigger, while some are smaller. Using images of different sizes and shapes, the homepage of web magazines is made look stylist and different from the commonplace homepage of blogs.

Why not create an online magazine of your own if you are an auto expert or food reviewer or lifestyle writer? You can monetize the magazine in many different ways. If needed, I will guide you on how to monetize it. However, that is a matter of secondary importance. The first important do is web design service to have a world-class magazine designed for you. So let’s have a talk….