Four Ways You can use CMS Features to Save Maintenance Costs

CMS features

CMS platforms have come of age with a host of new features and functions to make the lives of website owners easy. With easy-to-install-and-integrate plugins, content management systems facilitate the timely improvement of websites’ functionality, look and feel without adding to maintenance costs. The following are the ways you can save on maintenance costs using the latest CMS features.

These days, content management systems (CMS) support responsive layouts for multi-device websites. Responsive design is not absolutely new. Since the beginning of 2014, it has been trending in the web world. With the CMS platforms including WordPress supporting responsive themes, you can have a single website for multiple different devices used by your audience in different target groups, rather than having different versions of a website for different devices, which costs a lot for maintenance. Maintaining and monitoring more than one version of a website is not an easy job at all. It will cost you a lot more than it will earn you.

Content management systems are ever-evolving platforms on the Web. Be it Drupal or WordPress, they are always up-to-date with new features for websites. The look and feel of a website can be improved from time to time by making small changes in the interface or structure or content display through the installation of plugins and widgets. Websites integrating new CMS features and functions look alive no matter how old they are. Since the simple installation of plugins and widgets works, it does not add to the maintenance costs. Of course, you need a web designer to make major changes to your existing website.

Newsletter marketing is part of relationship building and audience/customer engagement. With CMS platforms integrating newsletter plugins, it is easy to initiate newsletter marketing. With a little knowledge of the best newsletter marketing practices and tips, you can do it using a plugin at the backend of the content management system where your website is hosted on. If you wish to go some extra miles, get a custom newsletter layout designed by a professional. It is a one-time cost, apart from which daily or monthly or weekly newsletter marketing has nothing to do with website maintenance costs.

Among the CMS features are some plugins which help with basic search engine optimization. With one of the best SEO plugins integrated to the dashboard of your website, you can easily add an SEO page title, Meta keyword and Meta description for your website pages and posts. You can do basic search engine optimization by yourself. There is no SEO maintenance cost at the initial level. But, when it is a question of your stand in competition with your rivals, you need premium SEO services for better optimization and online marketing. With custom CMS layouts with integrated basic SEO features, you can save on maintenance costs.


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