Simple copy writing tips for the web

copy writing tips for the Web

Copywriting for the print and copywriting for the Web are not the same practices. But they are similar to some extent. Be a copy required for the Web or print, it should be written using specific words and positive tones in active sentences. Web copywriting is an integral part of interaction design for websites. Every online marketer should know and follow these simple copywriting tips for the Web:

Spruce the copy to omit needless words

It is one of the most important and helpful copywriting tips for those who write for business websites. A copy lacks vigor and charm if it is burdened with unnecessary words. The omission of the words that add no value to a copy is a must. Sometimes, this advice is mistaken for “don’t use too many words”. This copywriting tip is not about using too many words but about using unnecessary words. At times, a piece of writing is descriptive, which requires a flow of words. A copy can be made crispy and succinct by removing needless words.

Online copywriting is part of interaction design. It is not just about communication but also interactivity and space. The brevity of both design and copy is one of the best practices of interaction design. it helps to achieve the desired level of interactivity in a given space.

Practice copywriting in the active voice    

Grammar plays an important role in copywriting. Knowledge of Active Voice and Passive Voice helps. The practice of writing copies in active voice helps to actively convey a message to its audience. The active voice of a copy inspires and encourages the audience to do what the copy is purposed for. It creates a positive vibe and a vigorous flow. The passive voice does just the opposite. Besides, passive sentences are longer than active sentences and occupy unnecessarily more space than the latter. So, active voice helps to write a brief, crisp copy.

Replace negative words with positive words

Using positive words is another secret to crispy copywriting for the Web. It goes parallel with the above-mentioned copywriting tips. Writing positively means writing in active voice and without needless words.  “Buy now” is far better than “Don’t wait to buy”. The former is direct, active, pithy and to the point, while the latter sounds negative and occupies more space. Writing positively has great implications for web copy.

Be specific and be accurate

Ambiguity is the bane of writing. A piece of ambiguous copy leaves no message and leads to confusion. Be specific. Be precise. Verbosity often creates a sense of ambiguity. Positive writing, mentioned above, is an approach towards being specific and ensuring precision. Being specific means being accurate, in web copywriting. Specific words create a specific message, which in turn gives a specific impression.

Business copywriting for the Web is not a Shakespearean task. You need not be a Shakespeare to master the art of writing good copies. A set of guidelines will help. There are specific guidelines about copywriting for the Web. A careful approach with attention to details helps to write precise copies for marketing, advertising, and branding.


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