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With Google’s latest update having discarded the value of common link-building strategies, now is the time to focus on online public relations rather than building links. It has added to the importance of content more than before. Change the ways of using content for marketing according to the search giant’s latest guidelines. Leverage the potential of content marketing for branding through online public relations. Does any change need to be made in the presentation and structure of content for online branding and PR? Of course, it is a crucial need.

Digital media has brought content marketing and brand journalism on the same front. Content for online brand journalism must be packed with visual storytelling features. It not only helps build relations with online publications but also promises social media success too. Robotic tweets and Facebook posts on hourly basis are not enough for social media success in present times when visual quality of content is a revolution.

To say in precise terms, the art and science of content marketing is being dominated by visuals as per online PR marketing and branding strategies. It is the “eye candy” feature of blog posts, articles, press releases and stories that catapults stones to hit the target. According to the statistics from online data scientists, content without visual elements is like the paper in a dustbin. Undoubtedly, visuals help increase conversions by fetching in views and visits, and ensuring engagement and interaction.

Visuals must relate to the target audience. I am talking about the relevance of visuals in connection with subject matter, purpose, brand and goals. If the visual component of your story that you are looking to distribute across online platforms is not consistent with the message, higher is the change of its getting rejected. Visual relevance and quality have become parameters to evaluate the worth of content for marketing and branding. It can either make or break the overall online PR or brand journalism strategy.

Video is the most powerful form of visual storytelling. Embedding supporting or relevant video clips in the content of posts is the latest trend which is going to rule as a key of successful content marketing in the coming years. Video streaming is no difficulty for smartphone users. Rather, it is a pleasing user experience. In present times of information revolution, social media feeds in fast-paced streaming hold user attention only for seconds. Here comes of the need of video-based content marketing. You can easily embed videos using Instagram and PitchEngine.

To keep up with changing times, you need to know what is in and what is out of the content marketing niche. Long graphics without focus on key elements, use of generic images, text without visuals, long content, elaborated message, etc. have become passé. Real photos of things, punchy message, content with gripping visuals, quality graphics with zoom on key features, etc. are in as a collective driving force for content marketing and branding campaigns.