Web Designer Sacramento

Don’t you do some homework before going to market so that you can buy things at right prices? It prevents you from making the mistake of buying things at high costs. The same holds true for website design. You need to know what the workable features of a website are so that your website gets designed to perfection. Here is a list of the most common mistakes in website design which must be avoided.

User attention is a valuable commodity on Internet. What a website is all about should be clear from its look and feel. If the purpose of a website is not identified in 2 or 3 seconds, visitors won’t be able to connect with the website. They will move to other websites. Make sure your website communicate to them through its look and feel.

Don’t mistake Internet for a book. Do keep aside the thought of stuffing a website with lots of content. Only blogs, online magazines and news portals are content-rich platforms. Business-critical websites with scannable content are what visitors with decreasing attention span, vote for.  A piece of content, divided into small chunks which are marked by headers, subheader, numbers and bullet points, helps the user filter the information.

A website is not a print magazine. So, fancy fonts are a big no. Most of the fancy fonts are difficult to read. Though attractive, they have very little readability. Simple and readable fonts add to the user-friendly look and feel of websites.  Do keep in mind; simplicity pays off. Besides, not all fancy fonts are compatible with different browsers. Using tiny fonts is not advisable. It kills the comfort of reading.

The option of letting new windows open when a visitor clicks on a link is just out of fashion. Many believe that with a new browser window for every link, visitors will stay on their websites. This belief is no more believable. Let the user have the right to freedom of using your website. Besides, every browser comes with a ‘Back’ button to be used by visitors.

How many websites do you register with, in a day?  You should not expect your visitors to register if it is not necessary? They must not be forced to undergo the registration process unless your website is an ecommerce portal or online retail store. If visitors take interest in your product or service, they will surely sign up or register to get in touch with you.

Hope, you know the advantage of fast-loading websites over slow-loading ones. Owing to overuse of Flash, websites load slowly and leave the user annoyed. Using Flash is advisable only if it is required to support specific features of your website.

Complex URL structure is difficult to identify. It helps in no way. As I have mentioned before, simplicity pays off; make sure to streamline the URL structures on the basis of target keywords. The keywords used in the URLs of your web pages hint at the content of those pages, thereby helping visitors to navigate to their preferred destination. Simple URL structures are search-engine friendly too.

Ring out the old and ring in the new. I mean replacing HTML tables with CSS. The tradition of creating page layouts with HTML tables is passé. With more features packed in, CSS offers lots of reliability.