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What makes a business website, especially it is eCommerce, drive towards your ROI goals? It is a suite of features, design, content and branding. Each of these requirements is of great importance for a newborn eCommerce business. How to get them in place exactly is a question that might disturb you. This post is intended as a guide for you on how to get those elements combined and fit into your eCommerce portal.

A gadget is all about a technical functionality. Nowadays it is the number of features that defines how it functions. The look of gadgets matters to the Gen Y’s fashion statement. The same applies to an eCommerce website. How can you be sure that your eCommerce website engages its target audience and functions better than what is expected? The most common and important way is competition research and analysis which is often overlooked. If you are an expert, make sure to keep an eye on your competitors in the niche. Integrating the most advanced and latest features will help you compete against them.

Tip – Competition analysis in the eCommerce field requires updated knowledge of the niche. The work can best be performed by a market-savvy eCommerce design and development expert.

An eCommerce website may boast o a great design and have a complete pack of features. If it does not communicate the message to the target audience through its content, your ROI goals will not be achieved. The content should be communicative to the core addressing the needs of potential customers. Visitor friendly content hits search engines and the jackpot as well. If you intend the eCommerce portal to hit the ROI goals, ensure making it communicative with a target-oriented piece of content that only a professional copywriter can provide. The benefit doubles up if the content is SEO friendly too.

Tip – Market knowledge and keyword analysis are two important requirements for online marketing content. As far as the competition is concerned, sharp-edged content can help you pitch your business to the target groups.

Your eCommerce website needs to be redesigned for better branding and promotion if the integrated features and interactive content fall short of the effort, required for making your website a hit. The issues with the existing design needs to be identified first and then fixed. Identifying and ensuring the need to redesign your eCommerce portal requires keen attention to details. A website with outdated design is like a dilapidated building where no one stops for shelter. Branding is not possible without futuristic design. Additional investment in redesigning the website is many times better than the loss.

Tip – You might wonder who will identify issues with the current design of your website. Get in touch with an eCommerce design analyst. Only he can help you out with a redesign solution to fix the shortcomings. Make sure to check with the design analyst his experience and skills before hiring his services and investing in the redesign project.