How to avoid three most common web design mistakes

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  • How to avoid three most common web design mistakes

    Web design is an ever-changing niche. It is evolving at such a fast pace that some common design mistakes happen. In most of the cases, designers are not responsible for the mistakes. It is the would-be owners of websites who not being aware of the latest or upcoming trends instruct designers to design their websites in the way that is …

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  • Website redesigns : know how it is a better solution for you

    If your company is a brand which has evolved over years, what can be better than connecting the target audience with the history of your brand evolution through redesign of the company website? The consumers of a geo-specific market like to connect with the legacy of a brand which represents the culture of the place. If this point of connection …

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  • A Guide on how to get Website Redesigned for your Business

    Website redesign is reinvestment in your business. You should get the best fruit of this reinvestment by knowing why the website needs to be redesigned and how to get it done. Here is an analytical discussion on the same:

    What are your expectations from the business? What extent does the current website meet the expectations to? It is crucial to evaluate …

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