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  • 4 Web Design Strategies for Compelling Call to Action & Increased Conversion

    There is no dearth of DIY enthusiasts in business world, who think they can do everything from developing a marketing strategy to designing a website. They usually turn to easily available website templates and take a pick from several selections. They remodel their websites once in a blue moon and accommodate only a few minor changes. In their earnest effort …

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  • Importance of a Web Designer for Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations

    Your organization may be specialized in providing care to any patient without any specific disease and can be beneficial for anyone with a serious illness, by helping them recover fully or live with chronic illness for a longer time, or be with them during their experiences of disease progression, or your organization may take care of patients with a limited …

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  • Mistakes Home Health Care Makes with Web Design

    It is really important to have a website for your business if you intend to grow it, as many people nowadays rely on the Internet before relying and purchasing any product or service. Home health care business can also grow potentially if its presence is marked online. But you must remember that a poorly built web design or confusing website …

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  • Quick Guide: Possible Solutions to Reduce Loading Time of Websites

    In current times of Web 3.0 and 4G, speed defines performance and experience. It is also true about websites claiming to render results and serve the user in a split second. A website must have intuitive interface for external appeal. But it becomes useless if the user is annoyed with slow loading and sluggish performance. Read on to know what …

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  • What Makes the Best Business Website for Maximum Conversions

    A business website is not just a website but an entity which it takes a lot to create, develop and establish. A lot has been said and written about what makes the best website that is visually appealing, functionally dynamic and saleable. I am sharing some views about what makes the best website for maximum conversions from a few industry …

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  • How to Reduce Friction for Better Design

    Friction refers to what impedes any sort of action by a user on a website. Friction brings down the level of user interaction, which in turn affects conversions leading to loss of prospects and business. No matter how well a user interface is designed, friction, more or less, makes it a nightmare. Reducing friction to the zero level is the …

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  • Importance of Color, Layout & Spacing in Visual Hierarchy of Interaction Design

    Visual hierarchy has a great influence on how a website is perceived. A choice of colors further accentuates the influence, even if it is only black & white. Colors have individual significance and psychological impact. There is a hierarchy of colors in terms of influence. As per a typical color hierarchy, red and black grab more attention than soft colors …

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  • Importance of Size: Visual Hierarchy in Interaction Design

    Visual hierarchy is one of the differences between a website that looks “Wow” and a website that looks “Okay”. Visual hierarchy is the line of distinction between a website that influences the decisions of target audience and a website that remains impassive to users. There are some principles of aesthetics behind the visual hierarchy of user interface design. Interface design …

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  • Modern Interaction Design: Present and Future

    New functionalities are invented or introduced to enrich interaction design and make it a more dynamic experience for today’s tech-savvy users. Interactivity of websites is focused on engagement as well as entertainment because users have grown fond of wonderful designs which not only greet them aesthetically but also interact with them functionally, irrespective of devices. That is why modern interaction …

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  • Interaction Design: All You Need to Know

    Interaction design refers to the best practices of design for highly interactive websites. A website cannot convincingly convey the message to the audience and persuade them to take an informed decision unless it is interactive. Researchers of visual marketing & communication emphasize that websites with interactive features are more active and persuasive than those with non-interactive features. It is fun …

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  • Web Design strategy for effective web presence

    A website design strategy for any business begins with a layout. A website theme or layout is like foundation of a new building. The stronger is the foundation, the stronger is the building. Likewise, everything from look & feel to functioning of a business website depends on a layout. It gives a visual shape to your dream of robust web …

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  • Latest Website Design Trends

    Website design is an art. Any art is alive as long as it undergoes change from time to time. Change for the better happens when new trends take place of the old ones. Website design has become more interesting and aesthetic with the use of new trends as discussed below.
    No larger header background image
    Large header background image had been a …

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