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  • Guide to help you with Google Plus profile optimization

    You have used Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube in alignment with your marketing goals. Now is the time to try Google Plus for the same purpose. If you are new to this virtual space of Google, here is a guide to help you out.

    Profile setting is the very first step towards social media optimization on Google Plus as it is …

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  • Facebook Graph Search: tough competition ahead for Google search

    Facebook Graph Search is an advanced take on what Google had introduced to pull relevant information from within the user’s online social circles. Purposed to enhance the user’s social search experience by delivering more personalized results, the Graph Search is of great benefit for those who are looking to stay updated about their social media connections and social media happenings. …

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  • Facebook page and Small Business

    It’s been quite some time that social media is on the buzz, but in recent day many small-big business establishment, entrepreneurs and corporate houses has transformed this nascent power of Social media to Business Network, as it had almost all the required elements that this current trend of generation looks out for.

    Every day social median networks are expanding at a …

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