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  • How social media impacts your brand image

    A brand is a brand that people talk about. A business that remains aloof from people and public platforms online as well as offline is not a brand. Social Media led to the opening of several avenues for both brands and public to interact with one another more freely. The inception of social media into branding and marketing made it …

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  • Social Media strategy for Professionals

    Social media marketing and management is a process which continues to evolve. It requires an insightful strategy, which varies from niche to niche. The very first thing to know is how to frame a social media strategy for professionals. Here is a quick guide on how to plan a social media strategy in a few steps.

    All it takes to craft …

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  • Role of Social Media in Brand-building for Professionals

    Today, a holistic marketing plan is a mix of social media and traditional media. Social media is not so expensive as traditional media and gives measurable results, which helps to accentuate the efforts towards promoting something and building a brand. Engagement with target audience in real time and reaching out to them on the platforms that they use are the …

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  • Benefits of Social Media for Health Care Industry

    Social Media Marketing is one of the ways to effective brand recognition of businesses in every industry. It is not exception in the healthcare industry too. A health care business needs to be omnipresent on the Web in order to be recognized as a credible brand. Omnipresence means the presence not only …

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  • Tips on Content Marketing for Online Branding

    With Google’s latest update having discarded the value of common link-building strategies, now is the time to focus on online public relations rather than building links. It has added to the importance of content more than before. Change the ways of using content for marketing according to the search giant’s latest guidelines. Leverage the potential of content marketing for branding …

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  • Social media is about ‘how’, not about ‘if’

    Much has been written about social media, its use for brand promotion and marketing. Social media is ‘this’! Social media is ‘that’! Social media is an all-in-one platform and for everyone. It is about ‘how’, not about ‘if’. It has something for everyone from an organization to an individual. Everyone from a student to a CEO has space in this …

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  • Who can design professional Facebook landing pages

    Pinterest is getting close to Facebook in terms of popularity, day by day. Pinterest marketing has got incorporated into social media marketing campaigns for existing brands and upcoming businesses. Facebook users are getting drawn to the visual appeals of Pinterest. What should you do in times of such driving competition between these two social media giants? Should you switch the …

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  • Why you need professional service for social media marketing of your eCommerce Business

    A great part of marketing for eCommerce businesses is done on social media. With the increasing user base of leading social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, eCommerce businesses are trying every possible means to get the most of their presence on the social space. With the competition level is escalating to touch a new height every day, …

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  • Why you need SMM expert to do Pinterest marketing for your travel business

    Pinterest is one of the leading players in the visual content market online. Not unjust to say that it is next to YouTube.com. Based on the unique idea of marketing and branding through high resolution pictures, Pinterest is an ideal platform for travel businesses. How to make it bin on Pinterest is the topic of discussion now. I have something …

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  • 5 useful tips on how to do Pinterest SEO

    With lots of marketing potential and increasing user base, Pinterest.com has evolved into one of the fastest-growing social media giants. An interface between a referring website and an image sharing platform, Pinterest.com is a powerful presence on the Web. It is going to be the next to Facebook shortly. If your Pinterest profile, images and content are properly optimized for …

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  • How to make social media content work for you

    Content strategy is all in all; be it for blogging, press release marketing, article marketing, webpage or social media marketing. With increasing importance of social media in number of benefits for businesses, social content strategy and planning has become a must. Here is something (crucial)  to share about social media content strategy with you.
     Work on variables of social media content 
    Nothing …

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