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  • insurance agency web development

    Insurance Agency Web Development – Small Business Web Solutions

    Insurance schemes aren’t physical products. These are services that promise to deliver certain benefits in case of any unexpected event. The problem with marketing and advertising of these services is these services can’t be featured like any other physical products. So how to make these services look attractive? The only way is to make target audiences understand the effectiveness of …

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  • Retain-Customers-Online

    Four Tips: How to Retain Customers Online

    Customer retention is the key to success and profitability of a business in the long run. Failure to retain existing customers will put your business on a treadmill to acquire new customers from different possible sources. According to stats, it costs a lot more to win new customers than to retain the existing ones. It simply adds to business overheads. …

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  • Online Presence Strategy for Startups

    In the current digital era, it is not tough for start-ups to build presence online. But, at the same time, it is not easy to maintain the online presence for more enhanced branding and visibility. Choosing the right platforms, targeting the relevant audience, crafting the right strategies and maintaining the profiles are what should be incorporated into an online presence …

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  • Promising solutions to design mistakes in your business website

    Are you contemplating a new user interface for your website by switching to a new theme? Not a bad idea! It would be an informed decision and you will benefit from it if the theme is responsive. Switching to a theme that lacks responsive design is an absolutely wrong …

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  • Essential website design features for startup businesses

    Website design for startup businesses is a challenging process. Though a startup business has competitors in its niche, and their websites may serve as models, website design and development for startups is a herculean task which is interesting as well. What the best way to design startup business websites is …

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  • Four principal aspects of startup websites

    Building a brand or business or identity is a continuous process. The very first step is to buy domain and hosting space. Then the second important step is to have a website designed by a professional website designer. You must be familiar with the basic features of a startup website irrespective of the purpose. The four basic aspects of a …

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  • Website design – features of online customer support

    Online customer support is a business-critical duty of not only product sellers and e-retailers but also every website owners. It is website design that integrates the features of online customer support. Here is a discussion on HOW:

    The navigation of a website is indirectly associated with online customer support for a business. It is your duty to take care of how …

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  • How to Convert Website Visitors into Leads

    The key to successfully convert website visitors into leads is to identify behavioral pattern of the defined audience and then formulate a plan how to satisfy their needs. The task could be more challenging than you think as consumers’ behavior is an evolving aspect that revolves around relentlessly changing factors, which govern their taste, preference and demand.

    A proven working formula …

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  • How to design a website for maximum conversions

    Conversion of views into leads is the main objective of any business website. The rate of conversions depends on three factors – overall design, call to action design and navigation design. Here is a basic discussion addressing your possible queries about these factors.

    Knowing your target audience helps a web designer come up with a suitable website design for your business …

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  • Benefits of Web 3.0 technology for online business of luxury brands

    Technology defines online customer experience. The better the technology the better the customer experience. Online marketing of luxury brands is largely impacted by ever-changing web technology. The latest web technology is Web 3.0.  Web 3.0 is often interpreted as a new dimension of the Internet. It is in fact a technological improvement in the way computers display a website and …

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  • Important web design and development tips for online gifting business

    Gifting business is a thriving one, especially in the online market. With netizens are makings friends and business contacts across geographies through social media, Internet is the only medium to exchange gifts with overseas friends and business partners. That is why the business of virtual gift portals is on a roll. A feature-packed, responsive eCommerce website is the very first thing that …

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  • How to remove the fear of inputted data loss on m-commerce websites: Second Part

    The loss of inputted data for some or the other reason is a bad and negative experience which may not necessarily be repeated. But once users make this experience on an e-commerce website, it lowers their trust in the reliability and usability of the website. Such user experience is a great issue for m-commerce websites. It happens mainly because of …

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